Holidays Here We Come!

From what I have heard a lot of people are excited for the holidays. As the weather is getting better there are more things to do, especially outside.

A thing I’m most excited about this holidays is The Royal Melbourne Show. This event only takes place once every year in the September holidays. This year I am going with my cousin and aunt. My favourite part about the Melbourne Show is the amazing rides and the farm animals.


What are you excited about this holidays?

Footy Day!

footydayIt was ‘Footy Day at St Charles today. It was great to see all of the different colours on display.

The Richmond supporters were very eager this year and began parading to the Adelaide song. They will need to learn their team song for next year.

It was good to see a number of Lions jumpers in the crowd. 

Choir ‘hot chip celebration’

As many of you know, last term our school choir participated in the Freedom Choir Festival. The girls all did such an amazing job and showed wonderful team work and commitment :). The girls were lucky enough to receive a nice reward from Mr Thomas, in the form of a hot chip lunch! We enjoyed the hot chips, some party food and some singing, great work girls :)!


Safety School!

We have been so lucky to miss the rain on our excursion to Casey Safety Village!

Today we practised our road safety by riding our bikes on pretend roads and being safe and responsible pedestrians. We also learnt about fire safety. 

Here are some pictures! 

5/6H ‘Teach a Skill’ sessions

In 5/6H this term we have started a session called ‘Teach a Skill’, where two students names are randomly drawn out and they get to teach the class a skill of their choice. We have learnt tap dancing, how to do different accents, how to make creative things and a whole heap of other fantastic skills. One of the favourite skills that we learnt was how to teach your dog some cool tricks, this was modeled to us by Indi and her beautiful dog Marcos. Marcos is a guide dog in training that Indi’s family have been taking really good care of and training so that he will be ready to become a guide dog soon. Thank you to Indi’s Mum Rebecca for bringing Marcos in, we always love seeing him :)!

indi-2 indi-1

National History Challenge State Finals

What an amazing effort!

We had five students represent St. Charles yesterday at the State Final’s of the National History Challenge. Well done: Olivia, Mercedes, Bianca, Ethan and Aaron.

A special thank you to the parents and Mrs. Sirianni. I look forward to seeing their presentations at assembly.


The old buildings of Melbourne Boy’s Grammar was a perfect venue for the final! 

3/4KC is ‘thoughtful’ and ‘boastful’!

In spelling this week, 3/4KC students have been learning about the suffix ‘ful’ added to base words. They have been writing short paragraphs describing their dads, grandparents, cousins, friends and pets, etc. using these special words. They hope you enjoy reading them.

I am grateful to have my wonderful Pop. He is very kind, thoughtful and helpful. My Pop is kind-hearted and funny!

I am very grateful to have three wonderful friends in my life. The first is Chloe. She is a very cheerful, beautiful and wonderful person. The next is Indi. She is a kind hearted, thankful, wishful and faithful person. Last but not least is Mia. She is a sweet, thoughtful, trustful and joyful person. I love my friends and they are the best!

I have a thoughtful and wonderful father. I hear his joyful and faithful name, Paul, and I feel a beautiful spark set off in my body. His helpful coaching makes me a cheerful basketball player. I am so grateful to have such a meaningful Dad!


I have a wonderful, beautiful and cheerful new parrot named Prince. He’s youthful and joyful. I am very happy to have him.

I’m thankful for my mum and dad and grateful for all my things. When I go to school, I’m joyful if I’ve been successful of what I have done. My mum’s very thoughtful because she always cleans up my mess. My dad’s very respectful because he’s always respectful to everyone he knows.

5/6C’s Paraliturgy

On the 8th of September 5/6C  had our first Mass this year! But unfortunately Fr. Gerry couldn’t make it so we had a para-liturgy instead. The whole class participated and we did all of it by ourselves. The only thing that was different is that we didn’t have the Eucharist and nobody read the homily. So Mrs Anderson talked to us and we had a discussion about service. We had a great time and we hope that everyone that came had a good time too!


Meet The Angle Family

In 5/6 we have been learning about angles and the Angle Family.For maths the other day the task was to recreate a person in the Angle Family and write a blurb about our person in groups. In my group I had Georgia and Angie and we created Sophie Straight Angle. Here is our blurb about Sophie Straight Angle.

Sophie straight angle is the eldest child in the family, she is very flexible and you will always see her in the splits. Did you know that when she does her homework it always has to be PERFECTLY aligned!! Sophie straight angle always measures to 180° exactly.   


The Long Walk

On Thursday, the 15 of September St Charles Borromeo will be going on a long walk to Tempelstowe Reserve. There we will meet St Kevin’s. The fire carriers will lead activities for both St Charles and St Kevin’s. There will also be a BBQ lunch.

The long walk was Created my Michel Long on the 21st of November 2004 when he walked from his house in the Melbourne suburbs to parliament house in Canberra. Michael Long is one of the most recognisable aboriginal figures in AFL football.  Michel was joined on the road by Aboriginal and non aboriginal people. On Friday the 3rd of December Michael met the prime minister John Howard.

On the long walk students will be designing signs and wearing the indigenous flag colours; Red, Black and Yellow.


By Daniel K and Jake

5/6C Class Mass

This morning, 5/6C hosted a vibrant and powerful liturgy about being a servant of God and showing service to others. Unfortunately, Fr Gerry was unable to attend, however, Mrs Anderson lead the liturgy and unpacked the parts of the mass, in particular the meaning of the response, “Lord, I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” Children discussed how they would feel if the Queen was to turn up for afternoon tea or dinner at their house. Some said they would worry about what to serve for food, others said they would worry about how tidy the house was! Mrs Anderson explained that God loves all of us and accepts us without judgement. I thought this was a very powerful and poignant message to students and reminder to all. Well done 5/6C and Mrs Anderson!



First Communion

It was a very special First Communion for our six St. Charles Borromeo candidates last Sunday. They were the first to celebrate a sacrament in our new church! It was great to see the faith community of Templestowe supporting these wonderful students. Congratulations- Max, Alexander, Kana, Cailtin, Oscar and David. 

unnamed (3)


September Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to the following students born in September!

Sarina H- Prep L, Grace F-1/2J, Bianca G-1/2J, Tayah C-1/2C, Evie G-1/2B, Chiara M- 1/2C,

Angus T-1/2C, Sienna B-3/4S, Mikayla B- 3/4S, Thomas C-3/4KC, Spencer D-3/4G,

Indianna L-3/4KC, Dylan M-3/4KC, Nicholas M-3/4G, Alexis T-3/4S, Teagan K-3/4KC,

Anthony S-3/4S, Dominic K-5/6C, Fontaine K- 5/6H, Kayden B-5/6C, Myar M-5/6C & Emi R-5/6H.Unknown