Worm Farm Buckets

Hi everyone, I have an important reminder for you all;

PLEASE make sure you are putting the correct things in the right bins. Most of the school is fine, but some people are just putting things in the incorrect bin. Before you put your wrappers and fruit peels in the compost, recycle or landfill, think to yourself:

wrm farm

  • Is this recyclable?
  • Can the worms eat it?
  • Is Landfill my only option?
  •  if I put my peel/wrapper/tissue box in this bin, am I making the world a better place environmentally?
  • Are there other ways I can help?

If you think it through, you will help my mum and the other volunteer mum’s who give up their time to do this for us, so don’t put them through the trouble of picking through every piece of citrus and Glad Wrap.

Thanks for trying so hard to make a difference to the environment!

4 thoughts on “Worm Farm Buckets

  1. Great post Alyssa! You have definitely raised awareness on the school about putting things in the right bins. I’ll be more careful now! 🙂

  2. This is deffinetly an important issue as the worms can’t eat things like glad wrap and citrus fruits like oranges and limes!

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