3/4KC is ‘thoughtful’ and ‘boastful’!

In spelling this week, 3/4KC students have been learning about the suffix ‘ful’ added to base words. They have been writing short paragraphs describing their dads, grandparents, cousins, friends and pets, etc. using these special words. They hope you enjoy reading them.

I am grateful to have my wonderful Pop. He is very kind, thoughtful and helpful. My Pop is kind-hearted and funny!

I am very grateful to have three wonderful friends in my life. The first is Chloe. She is a very cheerful, beautiful and wonderful person. The next is Indi. She is a kind hearted, thankful, wishful and faithful person. Last but not least is Mia. She is a sweet, thoughtful, trustful and joyful person. I love my friends and they are the best!

I have a thoughtful and wonderful father. I hear his joyful and faithful name, Paul, and I feel a beautiful spark set off in my body. His helpful coaching makes me a cheerful basketball player. I am so grateful to have such a meaningful Dad!


I have a wonderful, beautiful and cheerful new parrot named Prince. He’s youthful and joyful. I am very happy to have him.

I’m thankful for my mum and dad and grateful for all my things. When I go to school, I’m joyful if I’ve been successful of what I have done. My mum’s very thoughtful because she always cleans up my mess. My dad’s very respectful because he’s always respectful to everyone he knows.

2 thoughts on “3/4KC is ‘thoughtful’ and ‘boastful’!

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing 3/4KC. Your writing shows that you have a good understanding of how to correctly use the suffix ‘ful’.

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