ICT Reminder!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a good first week back!

Here are a few reminders: 

TROLLEYS: When putting laptops back into trolleys please remember to not squash them. Each partition holds 4 Macbooks or 3 Chromebooks. Please put them in with the power input facing upwards.

BOOKING THE iPADS/MACS/CHROMES: Teachers, if you need the iPads/Macs/Chromes for something, please book them so that they are yours for the period. I know how annoying it can be when someone else takes them when needed.

AFTER FINISHED WITH iPADS/MACS/CHROMES: When you are finished with an iPad, Macbook or Chromebook put it back in the trolley. Don’t leave it anywhere else unless you need it for the next period.

MACS/CHROMES: Please hold them with two hands. There is more chance of breaking one if you hold devices with one hand.

Also… you can only hold two or three at a time.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone follow these expectations.

I would also like to announce that the 5/6’s are getting iPod Touches! I’m honestly looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading this and I’m looking forward to the last term of this year. Until next time!



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