Using real life experiences to teach fractions

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The 3/4 SC class had a real life maths problems to solve.  How would you share two apples amongst three friends? 

To model this new learning, we brought the apples into class and set the scene.  We had to think about how to equally portion the pieces, what to do so that all three friends get the same amount of equal pieces.  By cutting each of the apples in half, we immediately saw that each friend would get at least 1/2 an apple each. But what to do with the rest? 

Here are some photos of us modelling the process.  What would you do NOW? Let us know and then we tell you how we solved this problem. 

3 thoughts on “Using real life experiences to teach fractions

  1. This problem is hard, but I will give it a go. Each person will get half. Then you will cut the left over half into thirds. That’s how each person will get an equal amount.
    🙂 🙂

    • Good thinking Sarina!
      That is what we did, but then we had to work out the fraction.
      Can you work out the fraction they will get?

  2. Great work 3/4SC! I think that teaching fractions using real world examples makes them so much easier to relate to and understand :).

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