Christmas Drive


Dear Families,

There is only one week left of the RSPCA Christmas Drive. Thank you so much for all the people who have already donated items for this wonderful cause.

 If you would like to donate something, could you please do so by Monday the 5th of December. Remember the things we are accepting are: Old pet toys, old towels, face washers and newspapers. Please remember nothing with feathers will be accepted as it could cause harm to the animals

Thank you for supporting the RSPCA!

Isla and Steph 5/6I 


5/6H’s Fun with Fairy Tales

In 5/6H we have been having some fun with fairy tales :). We have been reading fairy tales together then getting into small groups and taking on a specific fairy tale and changing it by altering the ending or the characters (or both). We have had some fantastic and very funny results :)! This activity has allowed students to be extremely creative and collaborative in working together to come up with new stories.


How did it feel to visit baby Jesus?

It can be difficult to read scripture in today’s world and try to imagine what the author of the text was trying to tell the original audience.  In class we explored Luke’s gospel account of the birth of Jesus through a form of prayer known as imaginative prayer.  Students imagined themselves as a shepherd within the story, being visited by the angels and then travelling to visit Mary and Joseph to meet baby Jesus.

After reading the scripture and being guided through a series of questions students were able to experience for themselves what it must have been like as a shepherd in the field receiving the news of Jesus’ birth.

Students then filled in a sensory reflection, explaining what they could see, feel, hear, touch and taste within the meditation.

It would be great to hear some of your personal experiences 5/6C (or the other 5/6 classes) within the comments below.

e.g How did it feel meeting an angel? What did the angels look like? Who was there when you visited Jesus? Did you get to touch Jesus? What did he look like?

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SRC Christmas Appeal


We had a fabulous day shopping today.

The SRC went on an expidition to shop for lots of families who won’t receive a gift this Christmas. We found lots of Christmas Presents and we hope all the mums, dads and children love them!

We were very lucky to have many helpful mums come along too!

img_3700 img_3703

3/4 Homework Passion Projects!

This Term the 3/4 classes have been working on a Passion Project for their homework. They chose from a list of topics, created 5 ‘why’ questions and decided how they would present their information.

We have had some very creative presentations including posters, PowerPoints, dioramas and showbags!

Today we had 5 students present their projects. Check out their projects below!

img_2631 img_2633 img_2635 img_2637 img_2640


Passion Projects are fun. We could choose anything that interested us around the topic Australian Flora and Fauna. we researched what really gave us a buzz. We presented out work in small groups last Friday. The topics were so different.

Here are a few topics we investigated:   Aussie Birds, Endangered Australian Animals, Introduced Species into Australia, Bulldog Rat, Endangered Birds & Native Animals. 

We shared our projects and taught our classmates what we learnt.  We learnt so much from each other. Best way to Learn! 

img_1755       img_1756  img_1757     img_1758

img_1759    img_1760img_1761  img_1762  img_1763  img_1764





This term in 5/6H we are doing lit circles. What are Lit Circles? Lit Circles is when a group of 6-7 people in your class read the same book. Each week you do a task for your book that you are reading. These are the tasks that we do in 5/6H:

Discussion Director- The person who leads the group and asks questions.

Illustrator- The person who draws something about a part in the book.

Vocabulary Enricher- Is the person who finds different words in the book that they find challenging and they have to write the description of it and tell the group.

Connector- Is the person who finds connections about the book and shares it with the group.

Travel Tracer- Is the person that finds out where the people in the book go.

Summariser- Is the person who summarises the chapter/pabobbybobobges you just read.

The book that I am reading for my Lit Circles is called Mitch 2 Sue. The task that I did last week was Illustrator. This is my work. 

I hope you like.

RSPCA Christmas Drive!


Dear Families,

With Christmas just around the corner, we have decided to do a Christmas drive for the unfortunate animals at the RSPCA. The RSPCA relies on donations to keep the business running. They use donations for bedding for animals and for something to play.  

The donations we are accepting are; Old pet toys, old blankets, newspapers, old towels and face washers. Remember, anything containing feathers will not be accepted.

Could we please have all donations to school by the 5th of December (Week 10)

Each class will have a labelled cardboard box where all donations will be kept.

This drive will begin of Monday 21st of November.

                            Thank you for making this possible you are truly making a difference in an animal’s life.    

                                              From Stephanie and Isla 5/6I

Clay Creatures

The 1/2 classes have spent the last few weeks in art making a creature from clay. We started by making a pinch pot for the head and then learnt how to join eyes, teeth and a tongue by scoring the clay. We left them to dry and then painted a white undercoat, followed by bright colours. Lastly we made a base for our creature to sit on and gave it a gloss layer to make it shine. We encountered some problems with pieces falling off but a little bit of glue fixed them up. Please stop and have a look at them in the hallway but we ask that you please don’t touch them as they are very delicate.


Remembrance Day

Every year on Friday, November the 11 it is Remembrance Day. On this date World War 1 ended at 11: am on the 11th day on the 11th month. On this day we remember all the people who fought in wars. At 11 am we hold a 2 minutes silence. The symbol for Remembrance Day is poppy which was inspired by the song “In Flanders Field”, the school captains will be handing out poppy badges during the

Book Review

Book Review

Title  My Mother’s Eyes

Age Range10+

Author/illustrator Mark Wilson

StorylineWilliam fought in World War 1.  He was only 16 and lied about his age. He wrote a lot of letters to his mother. And he was sent to Egypt to train for four weeks.  

Text To SelfI can connect this to my grandpa he fought in the second world war and lied about his age.

Text to TextI can connect this book to ‘One Minute Silent’ because it is also about war and people lying about their age so they can keep our country safe

Text to WorldI can connect this to the world because today there are still countries around the world fighting for their freedom.


Lani and Georgia

Book review-one minute’s silence

One Minute’s Silence is about the war in Gallipoli. The Gallipoli war was about the ANZACS and the Turks who fought for their country.

Author: David METZENTHEN

Illustrator: Michael CAMILLERI

Storyline: The story is set in world war one. It tells one of the many war stories. This one is about how the ANZACs died for us and how the ANZACS had no chance to beat the Turks because the Turks had the high ground. It also tells the story of how they knew they had so much in common.

Age group: 11+ because of the content

Rating: 9/10


by Daniel and Isaac

Book Review, Vietnam Diary

Vietnam Diary by Mark Wilson.

This book is about two brothers called Leigh and Jason who are great friends and did everything together. They have different views on the Vietnam War. Leigh thinks it is a stupid idea and Jason, who gets called up to go and fight in the war. They send letters to each other throughout the war. They can’t wait to be together again and play cricket together.

Text to Self: We are currently experiencing war in the Middle East against IS.

Text to Text: Mark Wilson has written other war books like My Mothers Eyes and Angel Of Kokoda.

Text to World: In history, there have been heaps of wars throughout time.

Rating: It is a good book, I would recommend it to anyone over nine years old. I would rate it 4/5 stars.

By Chase and Callum


Book Review

Image result for the afghanistan pupThe Afghanistan Pup

 By Mark Wilson

The Afghanistan Pup, is a story about a puppy entering the Afghanistan War. He is part of a puppy litter, and he loses his mum. A young girl finds the puppy and takes him home to look after him. War destroys the village, and the puppy finds a new home with a lucky Australian Solider.

Will the puppy find a forever home?

Text to Text: This book reminds us of ‘Do Not Forget Australia’ because there are Australian soldiers involved that are helping re-build a school.

Text to Self:  This made us think about our dogs, and how lucky they are to be healthy and safe.

Text to World: This reminds us of all the things that have been happening around the world and things we’ve heard on the news.

This book is probably set for Years 4 and up. This book is very touching and made us almost cry because it changed the way we think about the world war. 

We would rate this book 4.5!

Image result for 4.5 stars

By Chelsea and Isla 5/6 I 

1 minute’s silence reflection

Title: 1 minute’s silence

Author: David METZENTHEN

Illustrator: Michael CAMILLERI

Summary: This book is about the ANZAC’s when they went to Gallipoli to fight for Australia. These people were young men and they risked their life for our freedom and harmony. It tells us the ANZAC story and what happened.

Age Range: 11+

Text to text: I can connect this to myself as I have a relative that was in a war for his country.

Text to text: I can connect this to another book called ‘Gallipoli’ and it was about World War I

Text to world: I can connect this to the rest of the world as we have Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day.

Rating: 4 ½ out of 5




A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy

TITLE: A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy

AUTHOR: Libby Hathorn


Summary: this book is about a young soldier who is fighting for the war who once found an orphan boy and a stray dog that brought them together.

Text To Text: I can relate this book to the text Suri’s Wall because the main character lived in an orphanage and in this book the boy refused to go to an orphanage.

Text To World: I can relate this book to the issues around the world because in real life people fought in the war.  

Text To Self: I can relate this book to my life because I have family who have fought in the war

Genre: Historical fiction