Our Prep and Grade 6 Buddy Program

At St. Charles our preps are buddied up with a grade 6 student. The buddies spend time together getting to know each other. The grade 6 buddy has been joining their prep buddy at eating time and taking them out to the playground to make sure they have a friend to play with. They have dedicated ‘buddy time’ every second Friday after lunch which is organised by Mrs. Cahill and our Values Captains, Elena and Nicole. Yesterday at our opening school Mass the buddies sat together. It is a very special relationship.

7 thoughts on “Our Prep and Grade 6 Buddy Program

  1. It is really cool to have a buddy at St Charles Borromeo.
    First of all, they are very cute!
    I also like teaching my buddies the rules of the school (what to do and not what to do).
    It is really fun!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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