Swimming trials – students guilty of doing their best

I was very proud of the students who went to Aquarena on Tuesday to try out for our District swimming team next week.

Well done to Elyssia, Reyhan, Cecilia, Tayah, Max E. Stephanie, Felicity, Indianna, Patrick, Piper, Stefania, Macy, Alexia, Olivia M. Chloe R .Sienna T. Thomas, Brodie, Ava H. Ariella, Julius, Harry T. Harry R. Andreas S. Adelle Elena T. Alexis, Gemma, Lewis, Keira, Erin, Henry, Caitlin, Anthony S. Greta, Elena S. Sarina, Portia, Yajat, Danielle, Lucas F. Daniel, George, Aaliyah, Nicole, Ethan, Chelsea and Andreas B.

Thanks also to our staff and especially our parent helpers who made the trials not a trial!

The students had to swim 5o metres and they were required to trial in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and/or butterfly.

We even had a chance to practise diving from the blocks.


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