Only One You by 3/4s

The 3/4 classes have been introduced to a story called Only One You by Linda Kranz to start the year in Visual Arts.

There are many positive messages throughout, with ideas to help us make the world a better place, such as:

  • Be Kind
  • Treasure Your Family & Friends
  • Be Enthusiastic
  • Use Your Imagination

The 3/4 students designed a fish like those in the story and decorated a message to add to a display in the corridor.

How do you help to make the world a better place?

4 thoughts on “Only One You by 3/4s

  1. I help to make the world a better place by reminding others not to littler and helping others in need.:)

  2. Wow 3/4’s – each fish is so unique – beautiful work! Imagine a world where we were all the same. I think it might get a bit monotonous and dull.

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