5/6 Start to Art!

Each class has now visited the Art Room twice and all have made a creative start to 2017. The 5/6 classes have completed their first project, which incorporated folding and cutting shapes from paper. It was amazing to see what had been created when we carefully opened the paper. We discussed the lines of symmetry and repeated patterns in our work. We followed the process three times to create a layered effect with colours. These pieces are on display in the Art Room for visitors to enjoy looking at.


Swimming trials – students guilty of doing their best

I was very proud of the students who went to Aquarena on Tuesday to try out for our District swimming team next week.

Well done to Elyssia, Reyhan, Cecilia, Tayah, Max E. Stephanie, Felicity, Indianna, Patrick, Piper, Stefania, Macy, Alexia, Olivia M. Chloe R .Sienna T. Thomas, Brodie, Ava H. Ariella, Julius, Harry T. Harry R. Andreas S. Adelle Elena T. Alexis, Gemma, Lewis, Keira, Erin, Henry, Caitlin, Anthony S. Greta, Elena S. Sarina, Portia, Yajat, Danielle, Lucas F. Daniel, George, Aaliyah, Nicole, Ethan, Chelsea and Andreas B.

Thanks also to our staff and especially our parent helpers who made the trials not a trial!

The students had to swim 5o metres and they were required to trial in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and/or butterfly.

We even had a chance to practise diving from the blocks.


Parish Prep Welcome Mass

With Andrew Chinn belting out songs and parents from St. Charles cooking the BBQ, our prep students and their families had an opportunity to witness the welcome of our parish. A special thank you to our school parent board who did an amazing job catering on the night. It was wonderful to see so many teachers present to be commissioned during the mass. 


AFLW comes to St. Charles

We were so lucky this week to have clinics for all classes from Collingwood players from the women’s team.

We were treated to handball and kicking drills and games. There were quizzes where you could win prizes and every student received a pack of football cards featuring 7 players. Emma and Nicola signed their cards.

Some of the girls had only played football – some for as many as 11 years. Some players had  crossed over from other sports such as basketball or netball. Some had moved from their home in Perth to chase their football dreams. The youngest players were only 18. If you are a girl looking for a football club – Templestowe would gladly welcome you.

Collingwood play Melbourne this Saturday and we wish the players all the best on Saturday night.


Our Prep and Grade 6 Buddy Program

At St. Charles our preps are buddied up with a grade 6 student. The buddies spend time together getting to know each other. The grade 6 buddy has been joining their prep buddy at eating time and taking them out to the playground to make sure they have a friend to play with. They have dedicated ‘buddy time’ every second Friday after lunch which is organised by Mrs. Cahill and our Values Captains, Elena and Nicole. Yesterday at our opening school Mass the buddies sat together. It is a very special relationship.

Settling into the new School Year 5/6SC

The start of any new school year is exciting getting to know all of our classmates. In 5/6SC we have started the year with huge enthusiasm and excitement. this past week we have been involved in tasks to get to know each other. Below is a snapshot of what we have been doing. 




We had our first Library session with Mrs Demos and she spoke to us about the borrowing procedures and library protocols.We borrowed books around the themes of families and relationships.  

It is going to be a fabulous year!

Opening mass

Today our school community celebrated the beginning of our year together at mass with Father Gerry.

It was wonderful to see so many families join in this special occasion.

Our brilliant SRC Leaders received their badges and our AMAZING prayer cloths were presented. 

Bully Stoppers

Today the 3 / 4 students kicked off their bully stoppers student action teams with Kate Wilde. They are in small working groups investigating an aspect of bullying eg; verbal bullying, physical bullying, cyber bullying, frenemies and racial bullying.  

The students will then be taking action and making a presentation for their families at an expo night later this term. 



E.I.T is changing this year, it is open for children from prep to grade six to apply.

If the environment is really important to you and you are passionate to teach others how to protect and love it, E.I.T is for you. 

If you are interested in being involved in E.I.T write an application to Miss Lockyer explaining why the environment is important to you and what you would like to do at St Charles to make our school a more environmentally friendly place.