Buddies: St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day the prep and grade 6 buddies met one of our Kimochis called ‘Clover’. Clover reminds us that sometimes we can forget things, we can be a bit careless and sometimes things don’t always go our way but we still need to think positively and keep trying our hardest. Make a comment on a time when you have felt this way and what did you do to change your thinking?

Here are some photos of us making Clover together. 


5 thoughts on “Buddies: St Patrick’s Day

    • I agree.
      I strongly love clovers.
      Well done to all the 6’s for looking after their buddies.

  1. Clover should be my middle name – I forget lots of things.
    My son has Lovey-Dove who helps him relax when he’s a bit anxious.

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