School Photos

It’s School Photo Day!

We haven’t let the weather spoil our fun. We are taking our photos in front of the beautiful mural in the foyer of our school hall.


1/2 KC did a great job listening to instructions to get ready for the class photo.

Thank you to our Vice Captains Dominic and Sienna for getting all the classes organised and to their photos on time.

9 thoughts on “School Photos

  1. I really enjoyed the school photos especially when we did the funny faces.
    I thank Sienna and Dom for their help and I hope that all the grade 6’s enjoyed there last primary school photo day.
    🙂 😀

  2. I LOVED IT!!!
    My favourite part was when we did the funny faces😝.
    I also thank Dom and Sienna for helping with the photos. You did a great job!

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