FIRE Carriers

FIRE Carriers  is an acronym for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education. The FIRE carrier project is an initiative of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry which seeks to keep the Reconciliation flame alight in schools, educating the wider community about Reconciliation, our shared history and culture.

At St Charles’ we elect four year five students to be our FIRE carrier representatives for the year. Today Year 5/6 gathered for a Commissioning Ceremony, where we officially inducted our 2017 FIRE Carriers; Gemma, Lucas, Olivia and Sofia.  Outgoing FIRE Carriers; Alyssa, Erin, Isla and Nicole led the ceremony, inducting their successors with the Spirit of the Fire. Gemma, Lucas, Olivia and Sofia then recited a blessing prayer, dating back some 40 000 years, in which they asked to become bearers of peace, beauty, hope, harmony and reconciliation. 


Digital Technologies

In Digital Technologies, the students have been looking at how computers work. Today, 3/4BM worked together to assemble computers in the Inquiry Room. 

Mr C forgot to take pictures while the lesson was in progress so here are some staged photos. Because we did discuss that we never tinker with wires when devices are plugged into the power socket.

Year 5s visit BUPA & Roseville Nursing Homes

On Friday, the Year 5s visited BUPA and Roseville nursing homes and they were so impressive.  I was amazed how quickly the Year 5s befriended the residents and were sharing stories and laughs as if they had known each other forever. We heard stories about migrating to Australia, the war and we even had a resident who played in the 1954 Grand Final.

When it came to time to go, one of the residents grabbed my hand and told me how wonderful the children were and how it had made her day to meet them.

Whole School Welcome BBQ

Thank you to Narelle, Ben and Doug for purchasing our new BBQ’s and for putting them together. Tonight at the welcome BBQ we will sell sausages; for those families who need a quick meal. For all other families, you are welcome to bring a picnic dinner (pizza and fish ‘n’ chips are a popular choice)!

District swimming sports

Last week, students from St. Charles participated in the district swimming sports at Aquarena. Students competed in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. You needed to swim 5o metres. Some students swam in one event, some in multiple events, and we had relays too. I was so impressed with the enormous efforts by our students. Some were able to score a ribbon and all made our school proud.

Congratulations to Henry, Daniel, Yajat, Chelsea, Lucas F. Anthony S. George, Ethan, Thomas C. Patrick, Harry R. Brodie, Harry T. Cecilia, Adelle, Felicity, Nicole, Erin, Elena, Sarina, Greta, Keira, Caitlin, Gemma, Danielle, Ariella, Macy, Chloe R. Alexis and Tayah.

Reyhan won his event – the breaststroke, and he gets to represent us at the Zone swimming next Monday.

Special thanks to Isla and Alyssa who helped Mrs Sirianni.

An extra special thank you to those parents who came to support and help. I was so proud of how many parents came to support their own children and also other students.

Thanks to Alyssa who took these great photos.