Camp Day 3

Hi, my name is Keira and I’m doing the final report from camp.  I had a great time. My favourite part was when I jumped off the Leap of Faith 12m high. I also liked pulling the string that releases you on the Giant Swing.

Now we have one more game to play and lunch. Then we all jump on the bus and head back home.

See you all later today!

5 thoughts on “Camp Day 3

  1. Thank you team. We did well. Archery definitely is a skill that needs a lot of practise. I had a great time with you at camp. You never gave up. Persistence, encouragement and healthy competition that celebrates participation and having fun rather than winning at all costs is what we want to see.
    thank you for your company!

  2. Thanks you all teachers for taking care of us and keeping us safe during the activities.

  3. I am from the United States, New Jersey and I like that you have bows and arrows. Make sure you aim for the target and not for the students.

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