1/2 Level Cyber Safety Sessions

In the 1/2 Level, we have been learning about cyber safety.      

We learnt about keeping our personal information private. This means never let anyone know information that identifies them like: where they live, school name, address, full name, sports clubs, parents’ and siblings’ full names.

We also spoke about being safe when talking to online friends to keep and protect our personal information and never meet an online friend without taking a parent or carer along.

We also looked at a game called ‘Pick Your Friends’ on the computer which gives students a chance to identify whether the characters in the game are telling the truth or a lie about themselves, in knowing how to identify a true friend and being safe!

You can have a go at the game, by logging on to the following link!   https://www.esafety.gov.au/access/games_index.html 

2 thoughts on “1/2 Level Cyber Safety Sessions

  1. Well done 1/2s. It is so important to keep yourself safe on-line and to know it is important to tell an adult you trust if you don’t feel safe.
    Mrs. Cahill

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