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The Year 2/3s from St Rose School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada say hello and have asked us some questions.  A Year 5/6 team will reply to them very soon. However, you can also answer questions in the comments section below. 


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  1. The video for me is glitching but I’m really looking forward to answering these questions.

  2. Leah asked-How do you tell the time?
    We have a clock at our school which tells us the time.

    Nora-What do you wear at school?
    At school we have a uniform that we have to wear, the colours of our uniform are navy blue and green.

    Criz-What are your houses like?
    In Australia everyone has different houses. Some are 1 storey, 2 storey or 3 storey. Our houses can also be new fashioned and old fashioned.

    Alex-Do you feel safe at home and school?
    We are a safe school at St Charles Borromeo.

    Alex-Do you have any video games?
    We have a lot of video games in our country. All the boys love love love playing video games.

    Ethan-What is your weather like?
    Our weather right now is in Winter but in Melbourne the weather always changes and goes on and off.

    Payton-What language do you speak?
    We speak English but at school we also learn another language which is Italian.
    For example; Mi Chiamo Sarina. Ho dodici anni.

    Mrs Marion-What did you pack for lunch today?
    At school we try to be healthy, but sometimes we do sneak in lollies.
    Today for school, I had fruit, a finger bun, some snacks and a few lollies.

    Hope you learn a lot about us at St Charles.

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