We wrote our reflections about camp. Some of our thoughts are about the activities we did, the challenges we had, what we learnt about ourselves and our friends. Even though we thought camp was awesome, some of did feel that some activities were better than others.  Why don’t you read our reflections and really find out what we thought! 

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6 thoughts on “5/6SC CAMP REFLECTIONS

  1. I’d love to read about your reflections of camp.

    The Leap of Faith was an amazing activity and I’m so glad I did it.
    Once you’ve done it, you realise what amazing courage the students have.
    After I did it – my legs were like jelly and my hands were shaking for a long time afterwards

  2. Fantastic recollections of camp and I loved reading them. It was a chance for me to see how students support each other, they were so encouraging and positive. Efforts were praised and because their experiences were shared – there was plenty of empathy and understanding.
    I saw students conquer their fears, overcome challenges and do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. In the future, when they are fearful, I hope they draw on their experiences of camp and realise they can overcome great obstacles. I was so proud of them – whether it was swimming in the cold water at Mount Martha, going on the giant swing, sleeping in a strange bed, attempting the Leap of Faith or eating different food – the students proved how resilient they were and what courage and persistence they possessed.

  3. What I really liked about these reflections was that you all focused and specific parts of the camp, your challenges, overcoming fears, best parts and you gave reasons. I also applaud you on trying to be descriptive.

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