Interschool Sport Videos

Goalkeeper at boys soccer: had a tough job but he saved many goals with his fabulous goalkeeping skills.

Interschool sport is about having fun: Sofia and Teagan loved doing some dance moves for Summer who was recording some movies to share what goes on at interschool sport.

Goalkeeping excellence: I was very proud of our girls’ soccer team, especially when we came up against Doncaster Gardens – a very skilled and older group of girls. Caitlin was our goalkeeper in that game and Doncaster Gardens were very complimentary about Caitlin’s skills and courage. I know that Caitlin had been having goalkeeping tuition from her brother Callum – an exceptional goalkeeper – and it certainly paid off.

Sometimes, you just have to keep warm and what better way than to do a few dance moves. Summer caught Caitlin showing us some very creative moves. Click on the link to have a look.

3 thoughts on “Interschool Sport Videos

  1. Amazing effort Daniel.
    From the video it meant that you never gave up and kept on going.

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