Year 5/6 Camp Videos

Dancers have to have great balance: Alyssa used her dancing skills to make her way across the low rope challenge with grace and dexterity.

Before you fly, you have to climb into the sky: This video gives you an idea of what you had to do to get to the top platform. Chloe makes it look easy.

Flying the flag for fitness: One of our beach activities was racing for the flags. Running on sand is really difficult. Add to that the competition for one less flag than people and you’ve got to fight hard for your flag.

2 thoughts on “Year 5/6 Camp Videos

  1. Well done Alyssa.
    It showed how you carefully went to the endow the tree.
    Amazing work Isla for being such an amazing spotter.

  2. Hi, we’re having trouble viewing the videos from home – do you have any suggestions to help us see them ? Ive tried various browsers… thanks.

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