Lego Club

This was the last Lego Club for this term. It will return next term. On behalf of the team, I just want so say big thanks to everyone for supporting Lego Club. We could not have done it without everyone’s’ support.

Here are the top three Lego creations from today’s Lego Club.

Alex (3/4 BM)

David (5/6 M)

Eamon (Prep L)


2 thoughts on “Lego Club

  1. Well done Sebastian, and crew! When I popped in to see the club in action, it was great to see how animated the students attending were! Big kids helping little kids, little kids engaged and talking about their creations. Everyone telling a story through their creations.

  2. Well done Boys.
    This was a really good Idea.
    It’s good to see everyone contributing to this very well.

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