Girls footy – kicking and achieving goals

Last Tuesday we were able to go to the Eastern Region gala day where there were teams from 36 schools ready to play in a round robin tournament. Bulleen Park was the venue where there were 8 pristine ovals ready for us to play on. Some of the girls were disappointed with the lack of the mud but they were ecstatic when the fog lifted and there was sunshine.

Due to some schools pulling out at the last moment, we played a practice match against a team from another pool. Anderson Creek Primary School looked very professional in their matching jumpers, shorts and socks. Their play matched their outfits and we did not score in our loss by more than a few goals. Anderson Creek had 15 experienced players from the Warrandyte team against St. Charles – our only experienced player is Isla who plays for a team outside of school. We had players from year 4, 5 and 6. We had some who had played last year in the district competition. We had some players who had also played this year in our district round robin. Some girls had never played in a competitive match.

In our first match against Box Hill North, we were very competitive and had a narrow loss. We won our next two games against Milgate and Waverly. In our last match, we were extremely competitive against Auburn South – last year’s state finalists.

There were representatives from Collingwood AFLW – notably, Emma King who came to our school at the start of the year.

There were also many representatives from many local clubs keen to recruit our girls to play for them. If you have a daughter who is keen to play – I have lots of information I can give you.

I was extremely proud of the players and very grateful for the support of parents who were there for their own daughters and the other students.

Thanks to Lucy’s uncle Nigel for these awesome photos.


2 thoughts on “Girls footy – kicking and achieving goals

  1. At first I was really scared and didn’t have as much determination as I though I would but at the end I was confident and I got aggressive.
    I was muddy and had a lot of confident in myself.
    I wish we could do it again but unfortunately I cant.
    Next year I’m going to go and play for the girls dockers with some friends from year 6.
    I have a message for all year 4,5,6’s next year. Football is a bit rough but you should all go and give it a go. Last year I didn’t do it because I didn’t have the faith in myself like this year, my friends encouraged me and told me to give it a go and if I didn’t like it I can quit. Football was fun for me and I continued it. You should all at least give it a go because when you go in year 6 that’s the last year that you can have this opportunity and St Charles Borromeo. So all you girs out there go and give your best next year.l

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