Passion Project

Hi everyone, this week I am here to talk to you about my passion for athletics. Athletics is a great thing to do and I love it because not only do I compete against other girls in my age group I get to try and beat my score from previous weeks.

I belong to the athletics district of DLAC along with other students at the school. I have been doing athletics for 3 years and I have made a large improvement from when I started.

Here are some photos from athletics one is of me showing my 1st place medal for long jump and the other is of me competing in a hurdles race.


What a wonderful World!

 Toolangi Forest 

Toolangi, Toolangi is so fun, it is fun for everyone.

Cabins, activities and a flying fox too, it might just be the best camp for you!

Snakes, leeches and tiny possums, we also saw the environment blossom.

Bedtime, movies and midnight snacks, in the morning we all started to pack,

We dodged the rain and had a snack, then the time had come to go back,

We pulled up at school and hopped off the bus, but everyone was still in a rush.

Hugs of excitement and joy went around, and soon all of our bags were found!

By Olivia Mamet 3/4 C


Hi, I am Gemma and I am one of the Fire St Charles Borromeo. I am going to talk about the didgeridoo.

The didgeridoo is one of the oldest instruments on earth.

Aborigines used to listen to the sounds of nature such as footsteps, trees creaking or the sound of the wind and then imitate it closely with the didgeridoo.

Did you know that women can’t play the didgeridoo? This is because Aborigines believe that it is taboo for women even touch a didgeridoo.

Here is a YouTube clip that lets you hear what didgeridoos sound like.