Mystery Word 2 – Solution

Caitlin wins the first golden raffle ticket.

Congratulations to Caitlin (5/6SC) on being the first to include “soldiers” in her list of 5 words. She wins a ticket for the end of term scbtblog raffle.

Thanks to Jamie (1/2CK) and his mum Isabelle who have volunteered to work out the solutions each week. Here are their words for this week:

Said, sold, soldiers, seals, sleds, soil, soiled, solids, sails, sailed, sales, sire, sired, sears, soles, soled, soars, soared, seas.
Isles, idles.
Raises, raised, rises, roses, rosed, rile, real, rails, railed, roes, rides, rode, raids, reads.
Dries, dear, dire, deals, does, dies, dress, dose, doses, dares, dorsel.
Airs, aired, ears, ails, ailed, arid, oars, oared, earl, oral, older, aside, arises, arose,
Leads, lies, liars, lair, loss, lose, loser, lass, lads, lids, less, laid, lords.

Learning Powers


Risk Taker

Foundation student:‘I am nervous doing something I don’t know how to do. But I will try even if I make a mistake’

Grade 1 student:’I am a risk taker and not give up’

Grade 2 students: ‘I am resilient in my maths lesson because I keep trying to do my best even when I am stuck’
‘I think about how to get better at reading by practising even when this is difficult’

Grade 3 students: ‘My reader might be too hard but I take a risk and try to sound out the words’
‘Resilience takes courage to believe in yourself’

Grade 5 student: ‘I am collaborative when working with others, I listen to all ideas’

Grade 6 student: ‘I will take a risk because I know that mistakes help me learn’

Mystery Word 1 – Solution

Unfortunately, nobody wins this week.

Caitlin (5/6SC) did submit the word ‘popular‘ however, ‘applause‘ had 2 a’s (and there was only 1 in the letters I gave you this week). Alli (3/4B) also submitted ‘popular‘ however, every time you enter, you must submit 5 words (that are different from the previous words you entered of course).

A new set of letters will appear on the blog on Monday. 


Year 6 students are continuing their faith journey as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on May 20th. Throughout our InquiRE unit, students will reflect upon the life and work of Spirit Filled people and will consider their own role in the Mission of the Catholic Church. 

Can you name the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit?

Who, in your life, is a Spirit Filled person?


Today our whole school spent the morning learning about our school 3 B’s. 

Be Respectful

Be Responsible 

Be Safe 

We made a bee with our buddy and we acted out some of our behaviour expectations from our bee matrix. It was a fun morning! Thank you to Maximillian and Caitlin, our amazing Vice Captains who helped lead the day.