Mia’s Junior Artist

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s Junior Artist competition. I chose two winners this week. Well done to Bianca (3/4 CC) and Ethan (3/4 CC).

Bianca’s artwork.

Ethan’s artwork

Next week’s theme will be “animals“. I look forward to seeing your artworks on Friday (26 October 2018).

Click on the images below to see them full sized.


2 thoughts on “Mia’s Junior Artist

  1. Congratulations Mia on how you coordinated this. I was so impressed on how it was run. Just to let everyone know, Mia:
    – Organised a team of helpers to assist with judging entries
    – Emailed teachers and informed them about this competition
    – Created posters and visited classes to tell students about the competition
    – Blogged
    – Collected and judged artworks
    – Announced the winners over the loudspeaker
    – Created a display in the hallway

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