Mia’s Junior Artist

Chiara’s (3/4 B) winning art piece.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s Junior Artist competition. The theme was, “Hollywood” and the winner was Chiara G from 3/4 B.

Special credit goes to Bianca from 3/4 CC and Tayah from 3/4 CC for their creative artworks.

Because next Friday is a school closure day, this will be the final competition for the year. 

I would like to thank everyone who entered art pieces this year.

Mia’s Junior Artist Competition will return next year.

Bianca’s (3/4CC) art piece.

Tayah’s (3/4 CC) art piece.

Ava’s Close Up

This week’s mystery photo. Can you guess what it is? And where in the school you’d find it?

Hello Everyone,

Congratulation to Alexis from 5/6SC. She correctly guessed that last week’s image was the plaque near the office with names on it. Thank you to everyone else who had a guess.

Here is this week’s close up photo. Can you tell me what and where it is? 

SRC Christmas Shopping

Yesterday, St Charles SRC members travelled to the Pines to purchase Christmas presents for needy families within our community. With fundraising efforts throughout the year, the SRC were able to brighten Christmas for 20 children and their parents. A mammoth effort of fundraising, shopping and wrapping! 



Dry Felting in 5/6

The 5/6 classes have been trying a new technique in art called dry felting. We used a foam block, felting needle, wool pieces and some felt. We looked at some artwork created by Joan Miró, a Spanish artist to inspire us. We drew a plan in our Visual Diaries, considering our use of line, shape and colour. We discussed using the needle safely. We went to work attaching the wool to the felt background.

Here are some finished pieces.



Last term one of our reading activities was to read an article about being “Boss”of the school for a day. We then had to email The Herald Sun Kids about what we would do if we were boss of the school for a day. Felicity wrote about giving each class in the school a pet and for all children to watch an anti- bullying program.

It was a competition and out of all the schools Felicity won! She won 25 copies of a new book called, ” Head Kid” written by David Baddiel. She is giving one copy to each person in the class and donating one to the school library.

Well done Flick. We are proud of you.

Thank you Flick.


Welcome 2019 Foundation students!

Yesterday we had lots of new faces join us in the Foundation classroom! It was wonderful to meet all the new Foundation students who will be joining us at St Charles next year.

Everyone had lots of FUN on the first orientation morning to welcome the new Foundation children. We played with toys and also read the book ‘Mix it up‘. We then had a go at a rainbow experiment and made our own rainbow cloud to take home for Mum and Dad! We can’t wait for our second orientation morning next week.  


5/6 Excursion

Today the year 5/6s went to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Cranbourne. On the traditional lands of Boonwurrung, we were honoured with a “Welcome to Country”. We then got to roam and see a wide array of Australian landscapes, plants and trees. We had a lesson on some of Boonwurrung words, such as ‘Bik’ (which means land). And we got to see and handle tools made and used by the Boonwurrung people.

Learning Powers Assembly

At today’s assembly we were introduced to the Learning Power Mascots and heard about how the learning powers are already being used here at St Charles. It was great to see so many examples resilience, risk taking, reflection, collaboration and innovation.

Well done to the students who helped design the mascots. They look fantastic!

Congratulations to all the recipients of the first ever Learning Power awards!