Year 5 /6 Excursion- Street Art Walking Tour

 Street art is a form of public art.  Sometimes it is considered ‘Graffiti’. What is the difference? As we found out on our excursion, this public art is labelled ‘Street Art’ only when permitted by authorities. Without permits, this art is regarded as illegal ‘Graffiti’ yet many of these works are highly important creative and political pieces.  Some view this type of Art as a form of vandalism. After viewing the street art – can you answer this question. Is Street Art vandalism? Should it be banned?  Here a few images of Street Art. 



3 thoughts on “Year 5 /6 Excursion- Street Art Walking Tour

  1. It was fun Felicity, and I learnt a lot myself. Although very talented as the artists are I still believe that some form of street art is graffiti though. they do not have permission nor are they commissioned by the owners to create their art on their buildings.
    What do you think?

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