Oxfam Walk

I wanted to say a BIG thank you to all the families and teachers who supported my team ‘The Wooden Spoons’ for our 100km Oxfam walk. As a group we were able to raise $4,730!!! We are so happy with the amount we raised because we know Oxfam will be able to use that money to help communities around the world.

The walk started off with beautiful sunshine up in the Dandenong Ranges. We were walking up the hills through the beautiful trees. The longer we walked, the colder and rainier it got! We all put on our ponchos and rugged up to walk throughout the night! Our feet were sore, we were cold and wet, but we all were happy and chatting as we went.  We kept on walking all the next day, we even walked through Westerfolds Park! It was starting to get dark again and we finally made it to Fairfield Boat House! We had family, friends and of course dogs at the finish line cheering us on. It felt SO good to finish and FINALY go to bed! 😴😴😴

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