Extracting DNA from Strawberries!


DNA is what makes you! It’s your genetic makeup. DNA is a molecule that is like a little recipe for life and holds all the information your body needs to function. Pretty crazy! Plus, it’s just a teeny, tiny percent of our DNA that actually makes us all unique from one another.  Today as part of a science experiment we extracted Stawberry DNA. This is what it looks like. Pretty COOL! 

Scientists at Work

Year 5/6 have been hard at work in the Science Lab, conducting experiments with a focus on chemical and physical change. Here students collected data, over a series of trials, to investigate the impact on the amount of gas produced when changing the amount of alkaline substance (bicarbonate of soda) added to an acid (white vinegar).


Year 3/4 STEM

Yesterday in STEM we created vehicles and investigated forces such as pushing, pulling and gravity. We had some very creative cars made. Lucia had a design that amazed everyone in the beginning by going way further than any other car. She held the crown right until the end when Christian and James designed a car that went just that extra millimetre further.  

Who can find it?

I have hidden an object somewhere in the yard. The first 5 people to tell me what it is will claim a prize themselves.

Here are some clues to help you find it.

  1. Don’t play tiggy in this area or you’ll find yourself sitting on the seats.
  2. If it rains, you’re best to be where I am.
  3. There are a heap of Superheroes inside the room I’m just outside of.
  4. Don’t look low or you’ll never find me.

Good luck everyone.

Remember, don’t take the object, just come and tell me where and what it is.

The Disciples of 1/2CM!

In Year 1/2 we are learning about the 4 main parts of the mass. Today we were focusing on the ‘Liturgy of the Eucharist’. Another word for Eucharist is Communion.

Communion is an important part of worshipping God and remembering Jesus’ sacrifice. Jesus specifically asked that we hold communions “in remembrance” of him. When we “remember” special days we re-enact the day in our mind. This is what Jesus wants us to do. We are to think about communion with Jesus as if we were there. So, here we are having our own Last Supper and thinking about ways we can invite Jesus into our lives.


Golf at St Charles

This week all the students from St. Charles began learning the skills of golf. The first skill we looked at was chipping. We used our 7 irons to make a mini swing. We started with tennis balls and then we progressed to golf balls. The balls we use have dimples like a real golf ball but they are softer. Our task was chip from our golf mats to a hula hoop. If you click on the link named “Claudia” you will be able to check out her awesome skills.

As you can see, Claudia was very excited when she was able to chip into the hoop. In fact, she was the best at chipping out of all the classes.