What a BIG DAY OUT for our Graduating Class of 2019!

Today our 2019 graduating class celebrated the year by having a big day out. The day started with bowling, followed by a magnificent BBQ cooked by Mr Thomas at the Greensborough Memorial Park.  We ended the day at Watermarc in Greensborough.  The favourite activity was the waterslide. Here are a few photos showing all of the fun and above all the freindship, between all of the students. 




Werribee Zoo STEM Challenge

This Term, 5/6 students have taken the challenge to assist the Werribee Zoo Managers to improve animal and staff welfare and visitor experience at Werribee Zoo.  In teams they  designed, built and evaluated a prototype using their ideas. Two teams won the challenge and today they were treated to a safari tour with a close encounter with the animals on the savanna,  back at the zoo. They also presented their ideas and prototype to one of the managers- Johnno.  Staff were impressed with the ideas and the way students spoke about their problem solving. Here are some special moments.





What a great experience and what real authentic learning, where organisations listen to young people. Well done to all the students who completed the challenge!

‘Our Aussie Farmers’ Fundraiser and Rain Dance!

Isn’t it amazing when learning and compassion lead to action?! Well that’s exactly what’s happened with Abbey Murphy and Simona Ceppi in 3/4BC. This week, they have visited every classroom and handed out a container to collect loose change or donations to help buy some hay for our farmers. And tomorrow, we are going to stop and dance for rain at 10.30am on the picnic grass area in support of our Aussie farmers who continue to suffer through this relentless drought.

If you can spare some change, please contribute to this amazing cause or copy and paste the link below into your web browser if you would like to contribute as a family. Feel free to share this link with friends as so many people want to help our farmers but are unsure how.


Yesterday morning, Abbey was interviewed by Neil Mitchell on 3AW.

It was such joy to see Amanda and Abbey chat with Neil and tell him all about this amazing initiative! Have a listen!

Let’s get behind this wonderful event and support our farmers and those suffering through the drought and always remember the following…

Image result for every day three times a day farmer quote


Christmas Appeal Shopping

On Wednesday, St Charles SRCs, from Foundation to Year 6, travelled to The Pines shopping centre to purchase Christmas gifts for needy families. This was made possible through student fundraising held throughout the year. Special thanks must go to SRC parents who supported us in our efforts by supplying food to our Movie Snack Bar and accompanying shoppers. Thanks also to the parent community who supported the SRC in their fundraising endeavours. Kmart were also generous in granting us a 10% discount. Christmas morning will now be a lot merrier for 22 children and their parents!