‘Our Aussie Farmers’ Fundraiser and Rain Dance!

Isn’t it amazing when learning and compassion lead to action?! Well that’s exactly what’s happened with Abbey Murphy and Simona Ceppi in 3/4BC. This week, they have visited every classroom and handed out a container to collect loose change or donations to help buy some hay for our farmers. And tomorrow, we are going to stop and dance for rain at 10.30am on the picnic grass area in support of our Aussie farmers who continue to suffer through this relentless drought.

If you can spare some change, please contribute to this amazing cause or copy and paste the link below into your web browser if you would like to contribute as a family. Feel free to share this link with friends as so many people want to help our farmers but are unsure how.


Yesterday morning, Abbey was interviewed by Neil Mitchell on 3AW.

It was such joy to see Amanda and Abbey chat with Neil and tell him all about this amazing initiative! Have a listen!

Let’s get behind this wonderful event and support our farmers and those suffering through the drought and always remember the following…

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday today Abbey. This is a great day and I hope you raise lots of money for deserving farmers.

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