Karaoke Weekend

Welcome to this week’s ‘Friday Song’

It’s a little different this week because I am asking families to join in the fun over the next week.

I want you to choose a ‘family favourite‘ song to all sing along to. Film yourself and post it on the Blog to help brighten everyone’s week.

I have started off by sharing a song that my family love to turn up loud and just go crazy!

I hope you enjoy it – but more importantly, I hope you join in the fun and share your family karaoke with us.

Until next week.

Friday Song

This week Mr Maloney asked all the teachers to get involved in the Friday song. We hope you enjoy!

Click here to view the video.

*Please note you need a St Charles Borromeo school email address to view this video. Parents are welcome to watch it too, however, you will need to view it with your child’s login.