Virtual cross country

Fantastic effort by St Charles students in having a go at Virtual Cross Country

I am thrilled to tell the community about student efforts in competing in the SSV cross country challenge.

School Sport Victoria runs events for students in cross country in term two. Due to restrictions, they were unable to run events in 2020. Our district usually runs our events, either two kilometres or three kilometres, depending on the age of the students, at Ruffey Lake Park. Students would be able to tell you about “killer hill” but also how much fun it can be. Cross country is an annual event for students in grades three to six. An exciting addition this year was opening up cross country to students who were aged five to eight. They were asked to run one kilometre. Students aged nine or ten were asked to run two kilometres. Students aged eleven, twelve or thirteen were asked to run three kilometres. Students were asked to run their distance, wherever they liked and post their times on the SSV website.

I am delighted to report to you that we had five students who had a red hot go at cross country. We had a grade one student – Siena, who ran one kilometre in a time of 5:34. What a terrific effort from one of our junior students. Usually, Siena would have had to wait until she was nine to compete, but she is already running a kilometre! We can be very proud of her efforts in running this distance.

Oscar had a go at running two kilometres in the 9/10 age group. He posted a very competitive time of 12:40. Way to go Oscar! Geneva also had a go at running the same distance. She had a go at running the distance and posted the excellent time of 11:33. She then had another go and posted an improved time of 11:24! Fantastic to see her have a go at improving her time, improving her time by nine seconds.

We had two senior students who have had a go at running three kilometres. Luke, an eleven year old, posted a time of 15:33, a very good time. He then had another go and posted a time of 15:09, an improvement of twenty-four seconds! Quinlan, another eleven year old, posted her first attempt of 27:15, a good first attempt. She then posted a time of 15:46! Quinlan then had another go and posted a time of 15:13! What an extraordinary effort from Quinlan, she has had three attempts with improvements of eleven minutes, twenty-nine seconds and then thirty-three seconds.

I am so grateful to these students and their families for making the effort to have a go at cross country. Well done, they are an inspiration to us all.