Cyber Safety


Hopefully, your time online has been a positive experience.  However, if anything has happened that has upset you, made you feel uncomfortable, is making you worried or you know is not right, remember that there are many people who can help you.

  1. We suggest that you first discuss it with your parents
  2. The teachers at school are always ready to help too. You can speak to us in person or email us at 

These organisations are also ready to help if you are experiencing cyberbullying and need somebody confidential to talk to:

Kids Helpline operates 24 hours every day. It is for children 5-25 years old. You can chat confidentially with a counsellor either online or by phone.





Headspace is open from 9am to 1am. This service is for students 12 years or older. Click on the link to chat to a counsellor online or to get their number to call.



You can report cyberbullying to the eSafety Commissioner too. Teachers at school will be able to assist you with this if ever needed.