PIPs- Personal Interest Projects

Yesterday 3/4CA began their first PIP for the year! Personal Interest Projects provide an opportunity for students to investigate a topic, question or wondering of their choice- developing both their research and later their presentation skills.

In order to give the grade 3 students some time to first develop their presentation skills it was agreed that all children would begin by completing their first PIP on themselves- including hobbies, strengths, interests and some amazing facts.The students were very excited to get started! We look forward to seeing the final results!

Imaginative Prayer- The road to Emmaus

3/4CA absolutely loved their imaginative prayer experience of the Last Supper two weeks ago, so much so that they requested another opportunity to meditate on Scripture. 
With first Holy Communion celebrations in full swing we decided to read The Road to Emmaus story from Luke’s gospel where Jesus joins two of his friends on their journey home and reveals himself to them through the breaking of bread and the sharing of a meal.
The message of this story is that Jesus will always keep his promise and be with us in our daily lives. More importantly if we are feeling lost or hopeless we can always find Jesus in the Eucharist at mass.
Some students from the class will be publishing their reflections and adding to this post. Please read them to see what amazing encounters children can have when given the opportunity to spend time in reflection with the Lord.

When have you showed resilience?

As part of our wonderful school values program at St Charles the 3/4CA class today was looking at the value of resilience.

We read a great book by Lachie Hume titled “Banjo bounces back” which looked at the story of Banjo, who had to overcome his anxiety and embarrassment by getting fit in order to play in his ‘hoofball’ final.

It inspired us all to think of a time when we had to show resilience and to ‘bounce back’ when life got a bit too difficult or perhaps overwhelming.

We’d love to hear of your stories. When was a time you maybe didn’t want to persist but in the end showed great resilience? What (or even who) made you respond in this way? 

Learning Styles

How do you best learn?

Today in 3/4CA we completed a “Learning Styles Inventory” to discover the different ways that we can learn in a variety of situations. The goal was to find out if your preferred method of learning is VISUAL (by watching), AUDITORY (by speaking and listening) or KINESTHETIC (by moving or doing). 

Interestingly the majority of our class were “Visual Learners.”

You could try completing the online test yourself, it’s easy- just go to Learning Styles Inventory.  

When you have discovered your preferred style, please comment below and tell us how you best learn!!

  Image thanks to  “organised-student.tumblr.com”

How did it feel to visit baby Jesus?

It can be difficult to read scripture in today’s world and try to imagine what the author of the text was trying to tell the original audience.  In class we explored Luke’s gospel account of the birth of Jesus through a form of prayer known as imaginative prayer.  Students imagined themselves as a shepherd within the story, being visited by the angels and then travelling to visit Mary and Joseph to meet baby Jesus.

After reading the scripture and being guided through a series of questions students were able to experience for themselves what it must have been like as a shepherd in the field receiving the news of Jesus’ birth.

Students then filled in a sensory reflection, explaining what they could see, feel, hear, touch and taste within the meditation.

It would be great to hear some of your personal experiences 5/6C (or the other 5/6 classes) within the comments below.

e.g How did it feel meeting an angel? What did the angels look like? Who was there when you visited Jesus? Did you get to touch Jesus? What did he look like?

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Confirmation Workshop

On Monday the 10th October our confirmation candidates, along with their parents/carers, attended a fabulous workshop evening held at St Kevin’s Parish. The presenter Paul Spence did a wonderful job of relating to the children and sharing his story of how his confirmation continues to motivate and shape him as a person.

It was a great opportunity for the candidates to bond with family members with some very special moments experienced by all!

Kay and Imogen

Lanah with her parentsJulian with his mum

How High?

In 5/6 we have been developing our problem solving skills by using a variety of strategies. It is a time of great excitement and real buzz when students realise they can solve what initially seemed impossible.

Today the class helped to write the success criteria to guide us in achieving our learning intention.

photo 1

Can you solve today’s problem?

How high would a pile of paper be if there were 1 million sheets of paper in the pile?

How would you tackle the problem?

photo 3 photo 1 copy