Division basketball

At the end of the summer interschool sport season, St. Charles had the rare honour of being winners of the boys and girls competition for basketball.

Today we played for the division title.

Our boys played against OLOP. We were represented by Zane, Anthony, Harrison, Christian P, Christian T, Reyhan, Luke, Oliver,  Matteo, Andreas B and Nick. The boys played with courage and determination. Unfortunately, some of their shots didn’t drop and they were unsuccessful. Thanks to the parents and Mr. Thomas for supporting us.

The girls team played against Serpell. We were represented by Chloe, Zahlia, Sophie, Tayah, Georgia, Indi, Olivia, Mia, Elyssia and Jacinta. The girls showed grit and resilience. Every player contributed and they can be proud of their efforts. They were lots of supporters and we thank those who were able to come and watch. Unfortunately, Serpell were too good for us today.

Golf at St Charles

This week all the students from St. Charles began learning the skills of golf. The first skill we looked at was chipping. We used our 7 irons to make a mini swing. We started with tennis balls and then we progressed to golf balls. The balls we use have dimples like a real golf ball but they are softer. Our task was chip from our golf mats to a hula hoop. If you click on the link named “Claudia” you will be able to check out her awesome skills.

As you can see, Claudia was very excited when she was able to chip into the hoop. In fact, she was the best at chipping out of all the classes.

Hockey 1, Hockey 2 – Prep too and 3,4,5,6.

For the last two weeks the students have been playing hockey.

In Prep, one and two, we have been using plastic sticks and balls.

In grades 3,4,5 and 6 we have been using real wooden hockey sticks and real hockey balls.

We found out some students can hit the ball very, very hard.

We do have lots of brand new equipment but we also have some old sticks and Adam hit the ball so hard, his stick ended up in two pieces.

We were lucky to have Alex wear the protective clothing that he uses when he plays as a goalkeeper at his hockey club.

Alex is allowed to use his “kickers” to kick the ball away. We tried to score goals against Alex and he was able to save most of the shots.

Students learnt to pass, trap, dribble and shoot.

Next week we will be learning to play golf.

🏃‍♀️ Off to the Races

Last Tuesday, we were represented by a keen, but slightly nervous group of boys and girls from years 3 – 6 in our district cross country at Ruffey Lake Park.

The following students ran either 2 kilometres or 3 kilometres and can proudly say they conquered “Killer Hill”

Lucia, Piper, Grace, Estelle, Chloe C, Amberley, Lauren, Mila Z, Emma, Zoe, Dion R, Luke T, Jack R, Samuel, Andre, Sebastian, Archie, Blake, Patrick C, Tayah, Evie G, Stefania, Aimee, Madeline, Khrisha, Michael, Christian T, Harry, Andreas S, Christopher, Julius, Chloe R, Alexis, Zane, Nick, Anthony, Christian P, Julian and Oliver.

Special thanks to Shane, Ian and Kristie for their help on the day.

Students that finished in the top ten for their age group were then invited to compete at the Division cross country event on June 4th at Yarra Glen racecourse.

Congratulations and good luck to Dion R, Jack R, Chloe R and Zane on making it through to Division.

If they get tired – they might be able to jump on a horse to get to the finishing post!

Templestowe Dockers clinics

Our Preps, ones and twos were lucky to have a football clinic thanks to the Templestowe Dockers. Matt was able to show how much fun footy can be and he is also in charge of the Auskick program at the Dockers.

All students received a free drink bottle. They tried marking, handball and kicking. Hopefully some of these youngsters support our local club while learning the skills of the game

Division swimming

Last Friday we were fortunate to have two very good swimmers represent St. Charles at the Division swimming carnival at Aquanation in Ringwood. Cecilia and Kalita swam very well in their events. They are in different age groups. Kalita swam her breaststroke race in 53.91 seconds. Cecilia swam her breaststroke race in 49.56 seconds

Cecilia has managed to qualify for the regional finals in breaststroke. We wish her the very best.

Division Athletics

Last Thursday we were very proud to have 4 students represent us at Division Athletics. These students shone at District athletics and qualified to go on to the next level which is Division. If students win at Division, they go to Regional and then onto State.

Christian was in the 10 year old 80m hurdles. He came 3rd in what is a very technical event – a great result.

Indi  was in the 11 year old 100m sprint. She told me that it was a very competitive race and she was proud of her efforts.

Zane was down for 1500m and 80m hurdles. He had been battling illness and injury all week. He managed to go to the athletics and competed in the hurdles. That was a great effort and he can be very satisfied with his result given his difficult preparation.

Felicity was a late call up to shot put. She came in as an emergency after the 1st placegetter at District was unable to attend. Felicity came a creditable 5th in her event – terrific result.

Great effort by our 4 representatives, we are very proud of their efforts.

Coles Sports for Schools vouchers

We were really fortunate to have lots of support for this offer. Thanks to Jennifer and Katie in the office who counted most of our vouchers.

We received 32,709 vouchers.

Given that the Australian Sports Commission and Sporting Schools have tightened up the allocation of grants and that we may not secure any funding for a long time – I agonised over what our priorities were and what we needed to deliver high quality programs for our students.

The one interschool sport that we lacked equipment for was volleyball. We also needed more equipment to run a safe gymnastics program that caters for all students throughout the school.

The other consideration was that vouchers that were not redeemed would be lost. The maths challenge was to get as close to our total as possible so we didn’t waste our vouchers.

So we have ordered the following:

Nyda Mini Fluro Volleyball Kit x 3 (bag of  10) plus 2 individual balls = 32
Nyda Soft Gator Skin Volleyball
Nyda Training Volleyball Net x 2
Gym Mats (Set of 6)
The total was 32700 – we only wasted 9 vouchers!
We should receive our order in term 3.
Thanks for all your help in collecting vouchers.

Victorian Badminton Championships

First timers do us proud

For the first time, we were able to enter a team in the Victorian Primary School Badminton Championships. We hopped on the bus at 7:15 am so we could be in Altona for the start of the games. We were represented by Sienna, Fabian, Michael, Alyssa and Sebastian. They played doubles in different combinations. We played against the best players in the state. We certainly improved over the day and were even able to notch up a victory against a very good team. We finally got home at 4:30 pm – a long, but rewarding day.

Kathryn kicks in slow motion

This is the video on the Collingwood football club website that talks about the success of the recent Girls footy day.

Meg Hutchins is the narrator and it features Emma King – the ruck for Collingwood, who came to our school at the beginning of the year to run clinics for all our students.

It has a great slow motion clip of Kathryn having a kick.

AFLW Carnival

Two of our AFL Women's stars uphold the Magpies' name on the road.Get a glimpse at the work done at the School Sport Victoria Girls Footy Gala Day.

Posted by Collingwood Football Club on Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Hoop Hoop Hooray

Last Friday we were represented by two teams from our school in the Hooptime tournament.

The boys got to the final and were very competitive.

The girls get to go  to the next stage.

There was heaps of support from many parents and siblings.

Special thanks to Adam Tilley, Narelle Randazzo and Portia Theodorou for all their hard work.

Term 3 is the term for athletics

We have our athletic trials on Thursday the 3rd of August at Willinda Park in Greensborough. From that day we choose our team to represent us at the District Athletics on Tuesday the 19th of September.

Earlier this year I was lucky to attend the Nitro Athletics as part of some professional development I was doing on athletics.


I was very impressed by the skills on show, especially by this person you might recognise: USAIN BOLT!!!!

Fabulous Female footballers

We were very excited to compete in the District Girls football competition. We had girls from years 4, 5 and 6. We were fortunate to team up with 7 girls from St. Kevin’s who came on their day off (they had a curriculum day) to play with us. We were so lucky to have Nicky from the Western Bulldogs come and support us too. A special thanks to the support of Kylie Baldac from Templestowe football club who loaned us the footy jumpers. Thanks to all the parents and Mrs. Kavanagh who came to support our players. At the end of the day we had 2 wins, a draw and a loss. Hopefully we get another chance to do it again this year. Thanks to Greg for these awesome photos.

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Dedicated doggy drops by

Last week we were very fortunate to have a visit from Nicky, the aunt of Macy and Gemma. She plays footy for the Bulldogs and her nieces were very excited to have her visit their classes. She also helped us with training at lunchtime for our girls footy team. They play against other schools on the 4th of May. Nicky gave us some signed posters and footy cards. Lots of the students were inspired by Nicky and really appreciated the effort she made to come to our school and spend time with us.


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I was green with envy

Look what I saw on Twitter from the CEM account.

Great to see Elena S. doing the “Bus Stop” dance

Great to see St. Charles with their GREEN uniform at the celebration for Catholic Schools in the gardens after the Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Friday the 17th of March.

District swimming sports

Last week, students from St. Charles participated in the district swimming sports at Aquarena. Students competed in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. You needed to swim 5o metres. Some students swam in one event, some in multiple events, and we had relays too. I was so impressed with the enormous efforts by our students. Some were able to score a ribbon and all made our school proud.

Congratulations to Henry, Daniel, Yajat, Chelsea, Lucas F. Anthony S. George, Ethan, Thomas C. Patrick, Harry R. Brodie, Harry T. Cecilia, Adelle, Felicity, Nicole, Erin, Elena, Sarina, Greta, Keira, Caitlin, Gemma, Danielle, Ariella, Macy, Chloe R. Alexis and Tayah.

Reyhan won his event – the breaststroke, and he gets to represent us at the Zone swimming next Monday.

Special thanks to Isla and Alyssa who helped Mrs Sirianni.

An extra special thank you to those parents who came to support and help. I was so proud of how many parents came to support their own children and also other students.

Thanks to Alyssa who took these great photos.

Swimming trials – students guilty of doing their best

I was very proud of the students who went to Aquarena on Tuesday to try out for our District swimming team next week.

Well done to Elyssia, Reyhan, Cecilia, Tayah, Max E. Stephanie, Felicity, Indianna, Patrick, Piper, Stefania, Macy, Alexia, Olivia M. Chloe R .Sienna T. Thomas, Brodie, Ava H. Ariella, Julius, Harry T. Harry R. Andreas S. Adelle Elena T. Alexis, Gemma, Lewis, Keira, Erin, Henry, Caitlin, Anthony S. Greta, Elena S. Sarina, Portia, Yajat, Danielle, Lucas F. Daniel, George, Aaliyah, Nicole, Ethan, Chelsea and Andreas B.

Thanks also to our staff and especially our parent helpers who made the trials not a trial!

The students had to swim 5o metres and they were required to trial in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and/or butterfly.

We even had a chance to practise diving from the blocks.


AFLW comes to St. Charles

We were so lucky this week to have clinics for all classes from Collingwood players from the women’s team.

We were treated to handball and kicking drills and games. There were quizzes where you could win prizes and every student received a pack of football cards featuring 7 players. Emma and Nicola signed their cards.

Some of the girls had only played football – some for as many as 11 years. Some players had  crossed over from other sports such as basketball or netball. Some had moved from their home in Perth to chase their football dreams. The youngest players were only 18. If you are a girl looking for a football club – Templestowe would gladly welcome you.

Collingwood play Melbourne this Saturday and we wish the players all the best on Saturday night.


First Mass in our refurbished church

stkevs It was great to see families from St. Charles at the first Mass at 5:30pm on Saturday night. We head many stories of how the Parish began.

After Mass, many people stayed to enjoy a meal and celebrate.

Chelsea, Piper, Anja, Marie and Mae were able to stay afterwards for a meal.

Erin and Ava T. were able to be part of this very important Mass in the history of St. Kevin’s Parish.

Fantastic Futsal

On the 26th of August, we sent two teams to compete in a Futsal tournament.

One team missed the grand final on goal difference – one goal! They won third place and had beaten the team that eventually won first place.

The other team won first place.

I was extremely proud of all the players who played fairly and were good sports whether they won or lost. I am very grateful to Mau Masoni who gave up work to come and coach the winning team. We are so fortunate to have such great parental support from our parents.