SWPBS For Preps

A few weeks ago, 5/6I were presenting to classes about the Matrix of expectations. We all had many different ideas and opinions about our presentation, but for this post, here is a quick brief summary of my group with Jess, Isla and Steph.

The class we presented to was Prep M and I must say they were fantastic listeners! The main focus was using kind words and manners, so this was a quick recap of to use them. We did many activities: Jess read a book to the class, the preps acted their own scene of what it means to be kind and even we showed our own video about the focus. The preps enjoyed this day as we did too.

Here is the video that we made, so you can take a quick look at what it means to use kindness and manners!


In a few weeks time, we all will be presenting again to all of the classes in the school. We look forward to teach all of you a handy lesson from the matrix!


Term 3 is coming!


Congratulations to everyone for working hard and trying your best for term 2. I don’t know about you, but I personally think this term has gone really fast! What are you looking forward to on the holidays (or next term)? Comment below and share what excitements you have. It will be great to see your responses and I hope you had a fantastic semester!


5/6I Assembly



Lanah and Daniel.K as fantastic news presenters!

On Monday, all of 5/6I presented their astonishing assembly about recent events that we have done. I do hope you all enjoyed watching our acts about Camp at Mount Evelyn and letters to Creekside Elementary School (school in Georgia, Canada). We all worked very hard to come up with ideas and to practise. A big thanks to all of you and also to Imogen and Georgia for creating the iMovie about Camp.

Go 5/6I!