Inspiration stop

Are you having a negative day the best way to enjoy your day is right here!

“Hipp hipp, Hooray!!!”

These quotes could really inspire you to keep going, to catch creative ideas and to help positivity to come back to you, even  on a bad day.  Here are some that could light up your day. Enjoy!41fef69d2839b6b9122232c75d568a9e


Circus Skills

What is circus skills?

Circus skills is a fun, enjoyable and safe activity we did at our school. Every class contributed to the fun activities and we learnt various tricks such as awesome human towers and stands, based on our year level and skills to make enjoyable,easy and a great challenge to do. Thanks to our circus skill teachers, they helped us all the way to make a mesmerizing and amazing concert on Thursday 9th of June, where everyone got to show off their amazing skills and everyone enjoyed that wonderful night.

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