Red Faces Finalists

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Well done and thank you to everyone who tried out for our Talent Show on St Charles Feast Day.
The following acts have made it to the final for tomorrow!

Talent Show Finalist

Cecilia, Madeline, Chiara, Elena, Stefania – Acting – ‘The Assignment’
Aquila – Dancing
Max  – Singing
Kalita & Isabelle – Gymnastics
Tayah, Olivia, Evie – ‘The Comedy Trio’
Kirra, Jasleen and Chloe – Dance
Danielle  – Ballet dance
Emily & Simona – Song and Dance

Anyone is welcome to come and watch!


Doncare Pick Up

Doncare came to pick up all items today.
In 1/2 we got to ask lots of questions about the families who rely on Doncare. 
We even got to help them load up the items into their cars.

Thanks to everyone who donated something, and well done to all the classes!
A special congratulations to 3/4CA and 3/4BM who both had a total of 316 each. The BBQ will be in the last week of term.
The school TOTAL was 2013 items!


Food Drive Update

Doncare Food Drive

It’s the final week this week for the Doncare Food Drive, but the class competition isn’t over!
This week we need to bring in washing powder and toothpaste tubes. 
The current tally stands at:


3/4BM – 220 items
1/2C – 202 items
Prep J – 145 items
5/6M – 144 items
Prep L – 102 items
3/4CA – 68 items
5/6SC – 68 items
1/2IC – 57 items
1/2KC – 42 items
3/4C – 38  items




The weekly tally is in for the Doncare Food Drive. Thank you to all the families who have contributed items so far!
We still have two weeks to go and still so much more is needed!!
Here is the current tally:
Prep L – 102 items
1/2C – 101 items
Prep M – 79 items
3/4CA – 68 items
1/2IC – 57 items
1/2KC – 42 items
3/4C – 34 items
5/6M – 25 items
5/6SC – 23 items
3/4BM – 21 items

Rememeber, there is a BBQ for the winning grade with the most items!

Week 6 – students are asked to bring in any canned items and long life juice and milk.


Como House


As part of our new Inquiry Unit Now and Then, last Friday 1/2C and 1/2KC headed off to Como House. It is a very special house which was owned by the Armytage Family. Its over 100 years old! So we lernt lots about the olden days, even DANCING!!


1/2IC is off to Como House – we hope they have as much fun as we did!

SRC Christmas Appeal


We had a fabulous day shopping today.

The SRC went on an expidition to shop for lots of families who won’t receive a gift this Christmas. We found lots of Christmas Presents and we hope all the mums, dads and children love them!

We were very lucky to have many helpful mums come along too!

img_3700 img_3703


St Charles welcomes Sphero!

We were straight back into ICT yesterday when we got to meet the brand new Sphero Robots of St Charles! How lucky are we? We got to use the iPads and learnt how to program the Sphero Robots to do certain actions, like moving backwards and forwards, and changing different colours.

file_000-9 file_001-8 file_003-2 file_002-3

We can’t wait to learn more about programming and what these mini Robots can do!

Maths Blog Games

New Maths Blog Games

In 3/4G we have been playing some new Division games!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.12.21 AM Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.12.17 AM Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.12.12 AM

Have you been on the Maths blog recently? New games are always added!
If you like Division – check out these new games for Year 3 or 4 or even anyone!

Here is the Maths Blog address –

Let us know what you think!

Robot Time!


The 3/4 Level was lucky enough to see another Robot at St Charles today. Meet Hans Solo (Nao Robot) from France. 


IMG_3002  IMG_3003

You can read some information about Nao here

We heard he is pretty good at soccer too! BUT….You can’t buy your own Robot yet as they are for organisations and helping the sick and elderly. They are pretty expensive, coming in at $15,000 for one Robot. Hopefully one day we could all have our own one!

Padlet and Starlab!


As you may have already read, the 3/4 Level had a great incursion last Friday called Starlab, and as part of our ICT learning we have been using Padlet. So, why not put the two together?! We uploaded more pictures from the incursion and wrote our reflections straight on our Padlet Boards. Here are just a few!

Capture1 starlapCapture3

Prayer Interviews


Prayer Interviews download

3/4G have been learning about Prayer this term. They had to interview two people in their family and had to ask them 3 questions. Here are some of their responses. 

What does prayer mean to you?

A time to talk with God on my own

Deep thoughts about morals and family

Building a relationship and connection with God

A time to communicate hopes and thoughts

When and where do you pray?

During breakfast time

Before dinner/Night time

When it is completely silent

When I am feeling angry

How do you like to communicate with God?

Taking time out to be thankful, grateful and appreciative for what God has created and given us

I like to pray to God

Communicate through quiet thoughts

Through Meditation and relaxation

How do you like to communicate with God? Comment below!

My trip to the GREAT WALL!

My trip to the Great Wall of China!!

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

My name is Ava from 3/4G. Me and my family went on an amazing holiday to China over the school holidays. Here are some pictures from our trip. The Great Wall of China is huge and it is way too long to walk the whole way. We found out that people think you can see the wall from space, BUT you actually can’t – it’s a myth!!

Here are some other fun facts:

  • —Did you know that the Great Wall of china is 21,000 kms long.
  • —It was built to prevent attacks and invasions from the North
  • —It is not one continuous wall, it is made up of sections
  • —The first parts of the wall were built over 2,000 years ago
  • —It is the longest structure ever built by humans
  • —A really crazy fact I found out is that while in the process of building the wall they used goats to transport the bricks up, that would take forever!

Sphero visits St Charles!

Sphero visits the 3/4 Level!
In 3/4 we have been learning how to control robots called Sphero. Nathan (Ariella and Kalita’s Dad), helped us to control the robots using apps called Tickle and Sphero Lab. We were given activities and lines to use to help us control the robots better. 

image image

What do you think of Sphero?


Bounce Back: Being Responsible

Bounce back: being responsible!

Today, 3/4G and 3/4KC discussed some different ways we can be responsible. We talked about being responsible with our friends, at home, at school, at the beach and many more other places. 


We then watched the movie “Horton Hears a Who”, which is about a special elephant with a big responsibility.

You can see the trailer here:

You might like to watch the movie! Or even comment about a time when you have been responsible.