The Beach They Called Gallipoli

‘The Beach They Called Gallipoli’

This week 3/4G was fortunate enough to read this beautiful story by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

“As seen from the cove; the story of that beach where thousands died and legends were born. Gallipoli.”

As a reading activity,we were asked to draw our own version of the front cover.  Here is some of our work!

IMG_2371  IMG_2370 IMG_2369  IMG_2372

What do you think of our designs?

You might like to create your own and upload it into the comments!

Easter Bupa Visit

Easter fun at Bupa!

3/4G was lucky enough to be invited to visit Bupa today for an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately due to the weather we weren’t able to go outside, so instead we had a great time chatting to some of the residents. 

The students shared holiday stories and discussed their plans for Easter, and at the end they were very lucky enough to receive handmade Easter egg baskets, filled with a lot of eggs! 

image image image  imageHappy Easter everyone!

Number Lines

Number Lines

We have been learning about number Lines in 3/4G.

Students had to createIMG_1898 a three digit number by rolling a die three times. As a class we then had to place our numbers on the number line in the correct order.

We then discussed how number lines can help us learn! We came up with:

IMG_1897They help us to skip count or jump count.

They help us to save time when counting.
They can help us when we are doing addition or subtraction.
They help us When we want to see where half way is.

How do number lines help you to learn?

Why do we need to learn?

Why do we need to learn?

As a class 3/4G discussed this question today.
We explored things that can make learning hard, and also ways which can help make learning easy for us. 
In teams, students completed a BUS STOP together. They discussed the questions and shared different ways they like to learn, and also different resources which help them to learn. 

IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1817

What do you think we can do in class to learn?

What do you think could be done as a class or a group?

What things will help you learn?

Why do you think we need to learn?

Have you seen our Christmas Tree?

Have you seen our Christmas Tree?


Real Tree

We were very disappointed to realise this afternoon, that in the last 24 hours someone has stolen the St. Charles Christmas Tree. It wasn’t the tree decorated in the office, but the beautiful one planted in the gardens opposite the staffroom windows.


Mr. C was too distraught to comment on the disappearance. He is doing his best to solve the crime at this difficult time.

IMG_1427   image

Mr. Thomas has been taken into questioning due to the evidence in the image below.



(This was very disappointing to realise. This tree would have been a lovely addition to our Carols next Tuesday night. If you do hear/or have seen something, please contact Mr. Thomas)

Give something special this Christmas!

Give something special this Christmas!


Christmas Day is always a special time to spend with family and friends, coming together and sharing a special meal, but for some, this is not possible.

The caring owners of Birth and Cargo in Docklands are opening up their doors on Christmas Day to welcome those less fortunate, so they too can share a meal as a family.

Together we have been starting to collect deodorant cans, toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste which will go towards a hamper for those attending on Christmas Day.

Please give generously and support this important and brilliant fundraiser.  

3/4 Writer’s Notebook

The 3/4’s had a great day using this image for creative writing. We looked at the picture together and had a brainstorm about different ‘describing’ words which help to ‘paint a picture’. Students then had to write a creative narrative using at least 10 describing words from the brainstorm.

Sam’s Organic Universe

Here are some words we came up with:

beautiful, unexpected, cheerful, silhouette, exquisite, magnificent, impressive, vibrant and spectacular.

Can you think of a word to describe the image?

Science Incursion #3

Science Incursion #3

The 3/4s enjoyed an incursion with Scientists who study our Immune Systems. We looked at White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells, which taught us a lot about Bacteria (when we get sick) and how our body works to keep us healthy.

Some students even got to dress up as Scientist!


We also looked at The Scale of the Universe – You might even like to have a look at the Scale yourself at the link below 🙂

The Scale of the Universe



The 3/4 Level had a great day last Friday when Michelle came for an Incursion. She is a scientist from Monash University and also a mum at the school.  The students had a great morning conducting experiments with Dry Ice, Flowers, Detergent and Sugar. Everyone had a collaborative hands on learning experience! We are very lucky to have Michelle!

IMG_0394 IMG_0407  IMG_0411


Our excursion!

Recently the 3/4 level went to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. We had a great day learning about the history of the building and it’s significance to our past. The children asked many questions and we were lucky enough to have a war veteran from Templestowe show us around!!image image image image