il_214x170.971853132_nfhaIn writing, the 5/6’s made stress balls and we all did pretty well.

They were fun and easy to make. All you have to use is a funnel, rice or flour, 5 or 4 balloons. We made these stress balls from a procedural text. It was easy to follow.

We were all happy with how our stress balls turned out.


All the 5/6’s worked in a group to present about 5 different religions which are 1.Catholicism, 2.Islam, 3. Hinduism, 4. Buddhism, 5. Judaism, they all did very well on all of their presentations all the 5/6 level learnt a lot about all the different religions so we all learnt more about all those religions. Some people presented in different ways like news reports and  slide shows all of 5/6’s worked really hard on their presentations. All of them were reIMG_6580ally impressive.