1/2KC MAT Program

The motto for the MAT Program is:-                        

Be Strong     Be Calm     Be Kind     Keep trying!

During the program, Guy and Elena teach us that all feelings are okay, we just need to know how to control them!

We are learning to be emotionally resilient.

We are learning to control our emotions!


This short video clip shows the children taking part in one of their favourite games called “On Patrol”! The students need to pose with the appropriate action for the command being called, e.g. defend, samurai and “Protect the Princess”!  The last student left is the overall winner!

1/2KC ICT Lesson

This week, for our ICT lesson with Mr Cotela, we used the NEW chrome books for the first time. We learnt how to log on with our own username and password. 

We learnt how to open up a new page in a Word document and save it to work on later!

Learning how to change the font characters, size of the writing and colour was amazing!!!!

1/2KC can’t wait to learn more next time!!!

1/2 Level Cyber Safety Sessions

In the 1/2 Level, we have been learning about cyber safety.      

We learnt about keeping our personal information private. This means never let anyone know information that identifies them like: where they live, school name, address, full name, sports clubs, parents’ and siblings’ full names.

We also spoke about being safe when talking to online friends to keep and protect our personal information and never meet an online friend without taking a parent or carer along.

We also looked at a game called ‘Pick Your Friends’ on the computer which gives students a chance to identify whether the characters in the game are telling the truth or a lie about themselves, in knowing how to identify a true friend and being safe!

You can have a go at the game, by logging on to the following link!   https://www.esafety.gov.au/access/games_index.html 

Washing Smelly Feet

In the 1/2 Level, we are learning about the events of Holy Week.

On Holy Thursday, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples before sitting down to celebrate the Last Supper. He told them, and us, a message to ‘Love one another as He loved them’


The students had the experience of ‘washing each other’s feet’!

Each child took turns in the role play as Jesus, washing the feet of his disciples as well as having their feet washed, being a disciple!

Shapes, Shapes, 2D Shapes!

In the 1/2 Level, we have been learning about 2D Shapes. We created MONSTERS using a variety of these shapes – circles, squares, triangles, ovals and rectangles!


We also made some 2D shapes with talking marks, telling all about the features each shapes has, like its name, number of sides, number of corners and a fact about that shape! We hope you enjoy reading and learning all about them!!!




3/4 Level Carol Singing

Tonight, at St Charles Borromeo, the school community met in the school grounds to watch the students from each level, perform 2 Christmas carols.

The 3/4 Level children sang their little hearts out with much gusto! They sang ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’.

It was a lovely night, with many families mingling together, sharing food, drinks and loads of conversations. A fantastic way to celebrate our fabulous community spirit!

3/4KC Waratah Beach Camp Anticipations!


The 3/4KC students would like to share their thoughts about their camp to Waratah Beach Camp on Tuesday and Wednesday! We hope that you enjoy reading their thoughts and anticipations!


Summer – I am feeling so excited because I love the beach and I  love that we get to eat roasted marshmallows!!! I can’t wait until we get to sleep on bunk beds!!!                                                                                                          

Lucas F – Really excited and can’t wait because I get to spend time with my friends. I’m mostly looking forward to cricket.

Sabina – I feel so EXCITED because I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and this time the grade 3’s can see how much fun it is to be at camp. I am most looking forward to the sand sculpturing. I am looking forward to seeing smiles on everybody’s face. Continue reading

3/4KC Programming Spheros!

Last week, 3/4’s learnt how to program their ‘Spheros’ to race against others in the class.

Students had to make their ‘Sphero’ travel from a line across the room, 5 meters, and then return to their starting position.  

With loads of ‘trial and error’ of tweaking the commands, discussion with a partner, it was finally time for the race!  

Watch the video to see how they performed!!!



3/4KC is ‘thoughtful’ and ‘boastful’!

In spelling this week, 3/4KC students have been learning about the suffix ‘ful’ added to base words. They have been writing short paragraphs describing their dads, grandparents, cousins, friends and pets, etc. using these special words. They hope you enjoy reading them.

I am grateful to have my wonderful Pop. He is very kind, thoughtful and helpful. My Pop is kind-hearted and funny!

I am very grateful to have three wonderful friends in my life. The first is Chloe. She is a very cheerful, beautiful and wonderful person. The next is Indi. She is a kind hearted, thankful, wishful and faithful person. Last but not least is Mia. She is a sweet, thoughtful, trustful and joyful person. I love my friends and they are the best!

I have a thoughtful and wonderful father. I hear his joyful and faithful name, Paul, and I feel a beautiful spark set off in my body. His helpful coaching makes me a cheerful basketball player. I am so grateful to have such a meaningful Dad!


I have a wonderful, beautiful and cheerful new parrot named Prince. He’s youthful and joyful. I am very happy to have him.

I’m thankful for my mum and dad and grateful for all my things. When I go to school, I’m joyful if I’ve been successful of what I have done. My mum’s very thoughtful because she always cleans up my mess. My dad’s very respectful because he’s always respectful to everyone he knows.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Activity

In 3/4KC, we have been writing song raps for this term’s focus expectations! The emphasis was to “always be respectful” by using kind words! or being aware of others!

We hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to keep a rhythm and beat, and also add your ‘doof, doof’s’ or ‘swoosh, swoosh’ between the lines!

Use kind words every day – come along and say . . .

M is for manners, mmm.

G is for greetings.

K is for kind comments.

What were you going to say?

Use all your manners, do it today. That’s all I got to say.

Use kind words every day. Yay!     – Georgia & Hannah


Hi, I’m Bianca I’m and part of the kind patrol.

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m part of the kind patrol.

Hi, I’m Kana and I’m part kind patrol.

And we’ve got a message for you, so listen and respect.

Show respect, drop to the ground.

Use kind Words and spin around. – Bianca, Olivia & Kana



Yo! We’re the radical rappers three

And we’re here to tell you to respect your peers!!!  OOOhh!

Use polite words when talking to them,

Can I please have a pen!!!  OOOhh! 

When someone is hurt we take good care,

And in no time they will get repaired! OOOhh!  – Nick, Thomas & Massimo


Respect, respect.

We do it when you least expect!

Correct, correct.

There is no real way, you just have to say –

‘Have a nice day!’    – Sabina & Lucas

Special Buddy Time!

Buddy Times are special! Grade 3/4KC love sharing and working together with their buddy in 1/2J!

This week we shared ‘Our Favourite Things’ that we like and have in common. Some of these were the foods we like, colours, clothes, stories, hair or eye colours and many more.


Here are some comments 3/4’s would like to share about their buddy activity:-

We had a great time learning what our Buddy like and what we have in common. – Hannah

It was lots of fun drawing pictures, reading together and sharing work. – Hudson

It was exciting to see each other after the holidays and we had a lovely time. – Olivia M

It was great to know what we and our buddy like and have in common. – Reyhan

I had a great time enjoying and learning some of the differences between ourselves. – Lucus F

We all like having time with our buddies and sharing things we like. – Elyssia

Whitefriars and Siena Musical Review!

swconcertThe 3/4 level went to Karralyka Theatre, Ringwood to see Whitefriars College and Siena College perform a musical entitled ‘A Night at the Movies‘!

Here are some reviews of the concert by 3/4KC students!

On Wednesday, 25th May, the 3/4’s went to a musical with some other schools. They were Our Lady of the Pines, St Peter and Paul’s and St Charles Borromeo. We gathered at Karralyka Theatre where Whitefriars and Siena Colleges did songs and acts about music and comedy. It was fantastic to watch and it was very long and sadly we didn’t get to see all of Whitefriar’s songs and plays. – Reyhan

On Wednesday we went to see an amazing play. It was so funny and I was excited to see the next act and the next and the next one. We had a break and I was starving. There is only one word that I can use to describe it. Spectacular! I had the time of my life and the music was fantastic. I loved it. – Georgia

On Wednesday the 25th of May, the 3/4’s went to go see an amazing musical held by Siena and Whitefriars College. The musical was all about movies through the ages. It was full of singing, dancing and comedy. The show was split into 2 halves, one half was by Siena and the other was performed by Whitefriars. My favourite performance performed by Siena was when Crocodile Dundee teachers 3 girls how to survive in the outback. My favourite performance by Whitefriars was when old actors took pills and did something crazy. It was great! – Bianca

On Wednesday, 25th May, the 3/4 Level all went to the theatre to watch a musical from Whitefriars Collage with Siena College. The musical was about the history of music. It was really good. It was funny! My favourite part was when they did the ballroom dancing scene. It was hilarious! I loved all the singing and dancing. They were so, so good. I also like the Crocodile Dundee act. It was the best musical ever and they were outstanding. I had a greSat day! – Chloe

On the 25th of May, the 3/4’s went to Whitefriars the muscial. I think Siena had better dancing and singing and my favourite performance was the girls with that had colourful capes and were dancing. Whitefriars performances were mostly comedy. My favourite was where they were an version of James Bond, Rocky and Arnold Schwarzenegger. My favourite mixed performance was where the girls and boys were dancing together and one boy did the dancing all wrong and then everyone got mad. His mum also was so crazy! – Nicholas

Cook’ s Cottage Excursion

CookscottageOn Monday, 2nd May, the Grade 3/4’s went on an excursion to Cook’s Cottage. 3/4KC has written an Acrostic Poem with the knowledge they learnt about this special house.



Conservatory housed of a variety beautiful plants

Old cottage built in 1755

Overwhelmed by the size of the cottage and the experience of seeing it

Kept by Melbourne Trust

Situated  at Fitzroy Gardens


Curious how they lived in such a small house

Owners of the cottage were Captain Cook’s parents, James and Grace Cook

The scarred Tree is special to the Indigenous People

Transported from a village of Great Ayton, Yorkshire in England

Attracts many tourist from all over the world

Great opportunity to see Cook’s Cottage, a place he grew up in

Educational for everyone!

3/4KC’s Mass Celebration

On Thursday, Grade 3/4KC celebrated their class mass. The children worked together to write the Prayers of the Faithful, choose songs and plan running of the mass

Being the 4th Sunday of Easter, the theme of the mass was

The Gospel message was about Jesus being a shepherd of people. He shows us the way to live our lives. He looks after us and cares for us, just as a shepherd looks after his sheep.

 one tree two

Open-Minded Portraits

portraitsIn 3/4KC we read the book “Boss of the Pool”. There were two main characters in the book, Shelley and Ben. Shelley’s mum worked at a hostel where Ben lived. The students chose one of these characters to illustrate and write about themselves being that character.

Here are some phrases that the children wrote about being that character!


  • I had the worst summer holiday ever.
  • My mum works at a boring old hostel which I have to go to.
  • There is a creepy boy named Ben, who can’t pronounce my name!
  • Ben thinks that I’m his girlfriend!
  • My mum works at a hostel as an occupational therapy aid.
  • I have three best friends and their names are Megan, Denise and Petra.
  • I have to stay with old Mrs. Murray, my next door neighbour.


  • I have a friend called Shelley who comes through the week (oh, I love it when she comes).
  • I like my teddy bear and my favourite football time is the Richmond Tigers.
  • Every day I stay by the entry of the hostel waiting for Shelley to arrive.
  • Shelley said I could come in for a swim if I put my bathers on in under 10 secs.
  • I am scared of the pool, but I go in so I can get a silver star.