Monster writing

This week we had to guess what was in the bag and it was….


A monster!

We drew a picture and wrote describing words about what the monster looks like. The next day we used this to help us with our writing and then we wrote a description.

What do you think of Carla’s and Zeke’s writing?



EIT needs you!

Are you interested in the environment?

Do you care for our plants and animals?

Are you passionate about what is happening to our world?

Do you want to teach people about how they can protect our land?

If so EIT is for you!

If you are in grade 3/4/5 and you want to join the EIT team either comment below or write down and give to Miss Lockyer by Friday 22nd July,

Why the environment is so important to you and what you want to do to protect it’ .

It’s All Greek To Us!

Yasou, today we pretended we went to Greece!  

We learnt a bit about Ancient Greece and Modern Greece. We looked at some photos and thought it would be amazing if we all could go on holiday to Santorini and eat Souvlakis on the beach!

We had a go at the Zorba, what do you think of our dancing?

Also, here is a picture of some of the different things we made from both Ancient and Modern Greece.



This week we have been learning about how we all can be the same and a bit different, which is great! 🙂 

We all picked one friend and we talked about:

-what they look like

-what they are like as person 

-their favourite things

Have a listen to Mila’s and Jack’s reflection!

Also come and look at our masterpieces in front of the Prep classroom to see more!

Prep Faith Night

This week we had our faith night in prep.

We loved having Helen come and talk to the parents about their child and how they are developing their relationship with God.

It was great to see what the children drew for their ‘God like thing’.

Xander drew a picture of him and his dad under a rainbow.

Claudia drew a picture of her whole family.

Juliet drew a picture of her and her family looking at the stars.

IMG_3333 IMG_3335 IMG_3332

Santa is coming soon!

It is the first of December and we are getting very excited here in Prep!

We can’t wait for Santa to come. We are trying really hard with our choices to make sure our names are on the top of the nice list!

We have decorated our classroom and  have put up our Christmas tree. We think it looks great! We would also like to say a BIG thank you to Jola for being head of the tree committee!

Also we are very lucky because we have Rudolph or Ruby (Rudolph’s naughty sister) visiting our classroom and we get to ride one of them around the school when we have a special job!


Also Miss Lockyer said that at her house Hagrid is just as excited, can you tell?



Character Descriptions

This week we have been writing fairy tale character descriptions, it has been so much fun! We used the app ‘Explain Everything’ and drew a picture of our favourite fairy tale character.  When we finished our picture,we typed describing words about our character. Look at how clever we are, here is some of our work.




This term we have been learning about the value of confidence.

We have read the book ‘I like myself’ written by Karen Beaumont and had a circle time where we shared something that we liked about ourselves. Here are some of the things that we shared. 

I_Like_Myself  Demi likes herself because she is good at dressing up!

Noah likes himself because he is good at playing Skylanders Superchargers!

Dion R likes himself because he is good at racing!


We have also been talking about having the confidence to try new things.  We have said that we don’t say “I can’t do that”, instead we say “I CAN do that”, it may not be perfect, but every time we try it gets a little bit easier. Here is a photo of us saying that we CAN do that!

IMG_1712 Continue reading

Telling the Time

This week in prep, we have been learning to tell the time! We have been learning to read o’clock and half past on an analogue clock. We made watches and we all had to have a different time. After that we found out what time everyone else had. Here are some pictures of the cool watches we made.


Talking about time, where has it gone? Can you believe it? It is term four already!

Bear Experts!

We have been learning all about bears this week.

In reading, we have been reading a non-fiction book called ‘Bear Cubs’ and have been using QR codes to learn facts about polar bears (click here to see the clip we used). To show our learning, we have been drawing pictures and writing keywords about what we have learnt.

 Gracie found out that polar bears are very clever, and that the mumma bear teaches her babies (which are called cubs) to hunt!

Noah learnt that polar bears are white to camouflage into the snow!

We have also been planning, writing, labelling and publishing information reports on bears.

Stay tuned to find out more! 


What’s The Weather Like?

In inquiRE, we have been looking at what the weather is like. We have talked about the different types of weather and now we are finding out what happens during that type of weather.

This week we had our very first experiment, we are finding out what happened to rain clouds!

First the preps had to make sure they got all their materials and worked together to do the experiment. We found out that rain does not happen straight away and that the rain slowly falls down through the cloud and eventually it rains. Here are some pictures of our experiment.

 image image

Lovey Dove!

This week we met Lovey Dove.

Lovey Dove teaches us to be caring. Out of all the Kimochis she is the most caring. If  the Kimochis had one mum it would be her. The best thing about Lovey Dove is that she is an expert cuddler!

 We had a circle time and shared a time where we have been caring. We found out we can be caring in many different ways. We can care for our friends, teachers, families, school and our land.


Here is a picture of the Lovey Doves we made!

This week we were very excited because Mr Thomas came in to teach us! We had a big number line on the floor and we had to work out how many more steps he had to take to get his hot chocolate!

Mr Thomas asked us to use our number lines to work out how many more bee stamps we needed to get a reward! We found out that Lily A needs 11 more stamps, Adam I needs 13 and Demi L needs 10 more!


Being Brave

We had a very exciting week this week, we got to meet Bug!

Bug is one of our very special Kimochis who teaches us about feelings. We listened to a story where Bug was too scared to swim and fly and then with all his courage he tried (and he loved it!).

We all shared a story about when we were brave and drew a picture. We turned our pictures into Bug. Here is a photo of our brave Bugs!


Super Safe Preps!!!

This week week in Prep we have been learning all about road safety (ready for our excursion :D).

 We have been practising crossing the road by:





We even had the teachers pretending to be cars (beep beep)!!

We have also talked about the different things we could do to be safe around the road. Here is a picture of Claudia showing us her work.


QR Codes in Prep

IMG_0134This week, the preps were introduced to QR Codes on the iPad. These codes allow the children to easily access predetermined internet sites. This week, we looked at funny animal photos. In the coming weeks, QR codes will be used to access a variety of internet sites which will enhance the children’s learning. In the photo, Emmy, Mia, Hudson and Alli have found a photo of a cat with a melon on its head. Hilarious!

Introducing seven!


This week in prep we have been learning all about the number 7. We can show seven on a tens frame, draw a picture of 7 things and write the number before and after 7. We made a flower to record our learning! We have also been investigating different ways of making 7. We used ladybugs and counters to help us write number sentences, such as 4+3=7.