Careers Day

The Student Leaders hosted a Career’s Day on Friday to help raise money for Doncare. Everyone got into the spirit of the day and enjoyed the activities the Leaders planned for us.  A HUGE thank you to our Student Leaders for all their hard work to plan, create and run the day.

Who can find it?

I have hidden an object somewhere in the yard. The first 5 people to tell me what it is will claim a prize themselves.

Here are some clues to help you find it.

  1. Don’t play tiggy in this area or you’ll find yourself sitting on the seats.
  2. If it rains, you’re best to be where I am.
  3. There are a heap of Superheroes inside the room I’m just outside of.
  4. Don’t look low or you’ll never find me.

Good luck everyone.

Remember, don’t take the object, just come and tell me where and what it is.

Mr M’s Mystery Blog

Hello everyone.

This is my first Blog page so I thought I would challenge you to solve this mystery of mine.

I have hidden a little prize somewhere in the school. See if you can find it by following these clues.

  1. When I look up all I see is blue (sometimes blue with a bit of white or just grey)
  2. I am hidden in a place where people remember.
  3. We all gathered in this place at the start of the term.
  4. Think of a lamb roast and you’ll find me.
  5. Bring Mr M the prize card to claim your prize.

Good Luck.

Hope to see you soon.