Book of the Week

The “Magic Faraway Tree” is a great book. It’s about three kids Jo, Beth and Fannie who discover a magic Faraway Tree. On top of the magic, Faraway Tree are lands that can take people anywhere they wish to go. There also live three lovely and amazing people named Moonface, Silky the fairy and the Saucepan man. They go on many adventures with the kids.

I give this book a 5-star rating!!

Nation Builders

Vida Goldstein

Vida Goldstein was part of the Australian Suffragette movement. She fought for women’s rights. She was born on the 13 April 1869 and died on the 15 August 1949. She was also the first women elected to the national parliament. I choose Vida because she was a very brave woman. She stood for our rights and if it wasn’t for her today we wouldn’t be allowed to vote or even maybe go to school like the boys.