The Greatest Invention

Hi, My name is Sarina and I am responsible this week for nominating an invention that I think has been the greatest invention ever created!!!

The Greatest Invention has got to be light! Could you imagine the world without light? Light is a form of energy. In the dark, we only see something when light bounces off an object and shines into your eyes, which is called reflection. The sun is our biggest light source, it emits light in all directions. Everywhere we look, light is being reflected. Light lets us see clearly and makes things visible. Without light, we would live in a world with darkness and we wouldn’t see anything. All plants would die and eventually, all the animals that rely on plants for food, including us humans would die too. Life without the Sun and light would freeze all the animals and humans. Without light, our life and the environments life would be over and done. So surely Light has got to be the greatest invention ever.

 What do you think?

Could you cope without Light?

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Tell me your thought done below in the comments section? 😀

Junior Scientist – Sarina

Hi, Everyone! My name is Sarina and I am this week’s Junior Scientist. For my science experiment, I decided to do something to do with paper. I call it The Water Glass Magic. Make sure to have a parent supervising you before doing this experiment because it can get very messy.



  • A glass cup      
  • A Cardboard paper that covers the top of your cup.             
  • A bucket or a container.                                 


  1.  To begin your experiment take an empty glass and fill it half way. It is important to fill it exactly half way.
  2.  Take your cardboard paper and place it on top of your glass. Completely cover the top.
  3.  Carefully pick up the glass and put your container right underneath the cup you are holding.
  4. Then gently place your hand on top of the paper, then turn it over and remove your hand and see what happens.

The experiment appears to define gravity. The paper will fall eventually but the reason for this is the pressure outside the glass is greater than the pressure inside the glass. Which holds the cardboard and prevents the water from falling out.

Term 3

Hello Everyone and welcome back to TERM 3!!!

Is everyone excited, I know I am :D.

I had so much fun during the holidays but I’m really looking forward to knowing what everyone else has done.

Comment down below what you did during the holidays or what you’re looking forward to at school.

Reminder about the rubbish at school :)

Hello, my name is Sarina and for my first post for 2017, I’m going to blog about the rubbish on the playgrounds.

As I am a part of the Environmental Impact Team I really want our beautiful school to stay beautiful. As I am sure you do too.

For our school to be clean we need to make sure the rubbish goes into the bin. You may have noticed that recently we have got new bins. So there is really no excuse for rubbish to be on the ground.

So let’s work together and keep our school clean.

Tournament Of Minds :)

This week on Sunday all of the 7 hard working students that have  been chosen for  Tournament Of Minds  will be presenting our  presentation/acting  in front of  judges and other  schools around Melbourne.

The 7 chosen students are:

Sarina (5/6C), Elena (5/6C), Alyssa (5/6C), Hayden (5/6C), Kayden (5/6C), Lani-Alana (5/6I) and Indi-Indiana (5/6C).

I would like to thank Mrs Callea, Mr Thomas and other teachers for using their time for us to practice, rehearse and paint.

Please feel free to comment something nice, thankful and  good  luck messages.