Our day with author Susanne Gervay

Today our 1/2 and 3/4 students enjoyed a presentation by the wonderful Susanne Gervay. Susanne is the internationally acclaimed author of the “I am Jack” series of books about bullying. Today she presented her new picture story book to the 1/2s “The Boy with the Big Blue Glasses” and “I am Jack” books to the 3/4s. Susanne comes from Sydney and we are so very blessed that she loves to come to St. Charles and spend time with our students and staff.

MAT program with 1/2

I had the pleasure today to observe a 1/2 class enjoying their MAT program with Guy. Guy talked to the children about perseverance, taking a risk, making mistakes and growth mindset. The students were totally engaged and their questions and answers showed the rich learning they are enjoying with this brilliant program.

Our Prep and Grade 6 Buddy Program

At St. Charles our preps are buddied up with a grade 6 student. The buddies spend time together getting to know each other. The grade 6 buddy has been joining their prep buddy at eating time and taking them out to the playground to make sure they have a friend to play with. They have dedicated ‘buddy time’ every second Friday after lunch which is organised by Mrs. Cahill and our Values Captains, Elena and Nicole. Yesterday at our opening school Mass the buddies sat together. It is a very special relationship.

Garden of Manners

Please visit our Garden of Manners on the Values board in the hall. Thank you to our Values Captains (Emi and Zac) for this display.

It was wonderful to see Prep M visiting the Garden and discussing how important manners are.

Please leave a comment about what you think of the Manners Garden,manners-garden-1 manners-garden-with-preps


Today we welcomed the publishers for Bounce Back to our school. They observed a Bounce Back session in 5/6H. They spoke so highly of the students in 5/6H and how they were sharing their knowledge about emotions. They said that the work done throughout these student’s primary years on Social Emotional Learning was evident in how they presented their opinions and experiences about emotions.

Well done and thank you Miss Hahn and 5/6H for showcasing our wonderful school.

56h-bounce-back-session-101016 56h-bounce-back-session-2

NCAB Conference Day 2

Aaron, Alyssa, Imogen and Michael did an outstanding job being part of the youth panel at the NCAB 2016 conference today. To be in front of a room full of adults and answer the questions put to them was an amazing experience to be part of. I was so very proud of all our students (Emi, Daniel, Francesca and Zac on Thursday and Aaron, Alyssa, Imogen and Michael on Friday) who participated in this conference and the feedback from those in attendance of our eight students was amazing to hear.

Huge thanks to the parents ( Sharon Brearley Roberts, Debbie Di Luzio, Brigid Moran, Tiffany Do, Mathew and Danni Staley) who gave up their day to drive the children in and out of the conference and who looked after the students in their care. I know they were all very proud of these young people.

NCAB youth panel our kids NCAB youth panel