Last term one of our reading activities was to read an article about being “Boss”of the school for a day. We then had to email The Herald Sun Kids about what we would do if we were boss of the school for a day. Felicity wrote about giving each class in the school a pet and for all children to watch an anti- bullying program.

It was a competition and out of all the schools Felicity won! She won 25 copies of a new book called, ” Head Kid” written by David Baddiel. She is giving one copy to each person in the class and donating one to the school library.

Well done Flick. We are proud of you.

Thank you Flick.


What a wonderful World!

 Toolangi Forest 

Toolangi, Toolangi is so fun, it is fun for everyone.

Cabins, activities and a flying fox too, it might just be the best camp for you!

Snakes, leeches and tiny possums, we also saw the environment blossom.

Bedtime, movies and midnight snacks, in the morning we all started to pack,

We dodged the rain and had a snack, then the time had come to go back,

We pulled up at school and hopped off the bus, but everyone was still in a rush.

Hugs of excitement and joy went around, and soon all of our bags were found!

By Olivia Mamet 3/4 C

What is Shrove Tuesday?

THE YEAR 3/4s have been learning about Shrove Tuesday.

Here is what we learnt

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Lent is the time when we think of others, pray more and some people give up something that they like. Hundreds of years ago people would not eat luxuries during Lent. In those days eggs, milk and sugar were luxuries . As eggs, milk and sugar can go off the people decided to use them all up before Lent began. They mixed all the ingredients together and added flour and made the first pancake!

Ask your parents what they used to do during Lent. What do you do?

Take the quick quiz.

What is Shrove Tuesday?

When does Lent start?

What are the ingredients in pancakes?

What is your favourite topping on a pancake?


What is Bullying?

We have been working hard in our student action teams researching Bullying. already, we have learnt so much.

Here are some of the things we have learned:

  • 1 out of 4 kids are bullied- Julian
  • 200 million kids around the world are bullied- Julian
  • Cyberbullying is done with technology- Matteo
  • physical and verbal abuse is very common in Australia- Chloe
  • frenemies are bullies that pretend to be your friend- Alessia L

Here are some websites that you could use to find out more about bullying.


Good Luck. if you have some ideas on bullying please let us know.

The Wonderful World of Science.

imageMay the force be with you…..

Over the last couple of weeks the 1/2 classes have been experimenting with different kinds of forces. We made a balloon rocket and tested it out in our groups. We found out that the force of the air moved the balloon.

We have even talked about inertia! Do you know what inertia is?


Who can you call?

Can you believe it? We learnt about first aid this week.

We know the number to call in an emergency.


You make a zero with your hands and the number of fingers that are left on your hand standing up is the number of zeros to call. Piper has three fingers up so she would call OOO.

Our teacher Alison showed us how to put water on a burn . We made a loud whoosh sound. We learnt so much. If you need help just ask us.



1/2 s love ICT

In 1/ 2 we have ICT each week with Mr Cotela. We have learnt so many new things. One of our favourite things to do is Speedy typing. In Speedy typing we learn how to type better and faster! Our record so far for the fastest typer is Piper . She can type all the letters on Speedy in 24 seconds.

She’s a whizz.


The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost.

Jesus made a promise to the disciples to help them after he had died. 50 days after Jesus’ death he sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples. The Holy Spirit gave the disciples many Gifts such as; love, gentleness, joy,compassion. We made a dove and chose some of the Gifts of the spirit to hang from them.

What gift of the Holy Spirit do you see in other people?


We love iPads!

We  have had great fun learning about being safe when we use our iPads. Mr Cotela has come to our classroom each week and has taught us about to care for our iPads and to keep safe when we are on the computer. Today we learned that there are some strangers that want us to fill out information about ourselves. We learned that we NEVER give anyone our name and address especially on the computer.

What do you do to stay safe?IMG_0003[1] IMG_0005[1]

Wonderful 1/2 s

We have been busy learning about some of our emotions after watching the movie Inside Out. We have talked about each of the characters and how they show the emotion. The children have then written about a time they have felt that emotion and when we have seen that emotion. It has been enlightening to see and hear the children respond so openly about their feelings and how they can effect the choices that they make.


1/2s Celebrating Unity

This week the 1/2s have been coming together with their buddies from the 3/4 area. The 3/4s taught the 1/2s about how to decorate a quarter of a circle and to link it together to show unity. The children really enjoy working together. Check out the display on the wall outside the 3/4 classrooms.

History Boxes

We are busy making up our history boxes to present to the class in a couple of weeks. The children have been collecting items from their Grandparents and parents era. Items include dial telephones, hand made miniature chairs and wonderful black and white photos.


Last week we celebrated ANZAC Day in 1/2 by making poppies, researching for our news topic, looking at film clips of the soldiers, making and writing prayers for the fallen and active soldiers, and making ANZAC biscuits. It was an interesting and fun week learning and reflecting about the courageous men and women that gave so much of themselves for us.