Making Pasta!

Today in Italian, the 5/6 level learned how to make pasta. A friendly lady named Signora Tascone from “Big Pocket Educational Incursions” taught us about pasta and the process involved to make it.

The ingredients were: 200g of flour, 200ml of water and 2 eggs. The dough was already prepared for us, so our task was to flatten out the dough and to feed the pasta through the pasta machine which cut it into fettuccine. I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. Thank you, Signora Di Muzio for organizing this. Photos from left – My class working on the pasta, shaking flour onto the pasta, my pasta with burnt butter and sage sauce.


5/6’s Inquiry presentations

This week, the 5/6’s have been presenting their Inquiry projects. They had to interview someone who was born in another country and migrated to Australia. I chose my Dad, who was born in Italy and migrated to Australia when he was five years old. Using the information we collected, we were then asked to write a diary entry from that persons perspective. We also had to collect some items which belonged to the person, and share them with the class. Everyone’s presentations were very interesting, and we all enjoyed them. Here are two items which I shared with the class.  The picture on the left is my Dad in his home town, Cascina, Pisa (at the age of two), and the picture on the right is his birth certificate.
IMG_5135                   IMG_5136


Division Cross Country

Yesterday, my family and I went to the Yarra Glen Racecourse, where I competed in the 3km Division Cross Country event. I was feeling very nervous. There were 60 kids competing with me. I had a great start and managed to keep up with the leaders. At half way (up the hill) I took the lead and maintained the lead to the very end of the race. I felt VERY tired and SUPER happy. I will be competing in the Regional Cross Country next Tuesday._MG_1491IMG_4049