🏃‍♀️ Off to the Races

Last Tuesday, we were represented by a keen, but slightly nervous group of boys and girls from years 3 – 6 in our district cross country at Ruffey Lake Park.

The following students ran either 2 kilometres or 3 kilometres and can proudly say they conquered “Killer Hill”

Lucia, Piper, Grace, Estelle, Chloe C, Amberley, Lauren, Mila Z, Emma, Zoe, Dion R, Luke T, Jack R, Samuel, Andre, Sebastian, Archie, Blake, Patrick C, Tayah, Evie G, Stefania, Aimee, Madeline, Khrisha, Michael, Christian T, Harry, Andreas S, Christopher, Julius, Chloe R, Alexis, Zane, Nick, Anthony, Christian P, Julian and Oliver.

Special thanks to Shane, Ian and Kristie for their help on the day.

Students that finished in the top ten for their age group were then invited to compete at the Division cross country event on June 4th at Yarra Glen racecourse.

Congratulations and good luck to Dion R, Jack R, Chloe R and Zane on making it through to Division.

If they get tired – they might be able to jump on a horse to get to the finishing post!