Mindfulness Lesson

In 1/2J we have broken into small groups to organise and run a 15 minute ‘Mindfulness Lesson’. Our first group presented today. Our focus was mindfulness colouring in. The children enjoyed listening to the music and colour in animals. The group chose animals because we are going to the zoo on Friday. Great job Caleb, Maiah, Kalita and Lily. 


img_9028 img_9029 img_9030 img_9031

Breathing Buddies

The 1/2 year level have gotten their creative minds working and have made their own breathing buddies for mindfulness time.  1/2J use our buddies to help us with our deep breathing and improve our concentration level. We love our breathing buddies!! 

IMG_7979 (1)       IMG_7978 (1)      IMG_7977 (1)

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